15 best quotes from TEDxBucharest 2014

Posted on November 24, 2014

If during the week I rarely find time for inspiring conferences, this week-end I had a day full of inspiration and future spoilers at TEDxBucharest 2014. Bringing technology and people who shared personal and proffessional stories in 18 minutes bodies of work, here are the 15 best quotes that I heard from the people who walked on the red spot on the stage at the Auditorium Pallady.

It’s not only about things you’ve never heard about, some of these quotes may seem familiar or you may find yourself thinking: “but I already knew that”. It’s about the social, political and universal context where these particular quotes will be more than useful in the near future.


1. If you want to be happy, you need to find your source of magic. And work on it.

(Daniel Marcu, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Information Sciences Institute, University of Southern California)

2. The more power you have, the more important is the wall of protection around you.

(Theodor Paleologu, Professor, Casa Paleologu)

3. Unless you know what you’ve lost, how can you know how to recover?

(Marcus Orlovsky, Director, Bryanston Square)

4. Luck favours the prepared mind – Louis Pasteur

(a slide from the presentation of Daniel Marcu)

5. Patients have the best expertise on living with a disease.

(Vlad Mixich, Senior Editor, Hotnews.ro)

6. We’re the most empowered generation that ever was.

(Perry Timms talked about death of the hierarchy and the way people will be able to work in the future, without the pyramid we all know)

7. Power holders tend to lose the sense of reality.

(Theodor Paleologu, Professor, Casa Paleologu)

8. Power and cocaine have the same effect on our brain.

(Theodor Paleologu, Professor, Casa Paleologu)

9. Suffering brings us together.

(Vlad Mixich, Senior Editor, Hotnews.ro)

10. People don’t need a manager to tell them what to do, they need an inspiring leader.

(Perry Timms, Director & Founder PTHR, Chartered MCIPD)

11. I am so lucky that I had a stroke. It’s enabled me to work something new.

(Marcus Orlovsky, Director, Bryanston Square)

12. People don’t need the promise of money to create.

(Ioana Pelehatai & Alex Lungu, Co-Founders, Copy-Me)

13. If Dracula lived now, he would most certainly would Google to check the blood type of his victims to see if it matches. Can Dracula trust Google?

(Vlad Mixich, Senior Editor, Hotnews.ro)

14. Copyright or no soul!

(Ioana Pelehatai & Alex Lungu, Co-Founders, Copy-Me)

15. The revolution will not be televised. The revolution will be on TEDx.

(Perry Timms)


And to end it all with a good jump, I’ll leave this video of my good friend Andreea Beltic that was involved in the communication team for this TEDx edition.

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