The prince and the beggar

Posted on June 7, 2014

It’s your choice to believe a story or not. Maybe this one is about a prince and a beggar boy. Maybe it’s about someone who’s afraid to have big dreams and go past its condition. Or maybe it’s about someone who’s a dreamer, a fighter and a winner. Maybe.

Never have I ever been a happy-noble-rich kid – a prince – or felt like one until now. The story of the beggar always seemed more suitable to my condition so the only option was to dream. I would dream about going to the theater and seeing every story that I ever read played on a stage with costumes and actors. The dreaming was always there but I didn’t really believed that it could actually happen to me: living a dream.

I dreamt about seeing dance plays and watching people express themselves and feel free. I believed in freedom, I lived on it and seeing it on stage with people who give their most courage, emotion and discipline and transform everything that they are into a living breathing feeling that spreads into a venue with 500 people, that’s more than art, that’s magic.

That is what this Theater Festival is all about. It’s not about selling tickets to see a show, it’s about creating magic and emotions.

FITS 2014 – stands for Sibiu International Theater Festival 2014 – is one of the biggest art gatherings in Europe. It’s about celebrating art in every corner of this amazing medieval town: Sibiu – Hermaanstadt. It’s a magical place that I’m enjoying for a second year in a row and it’s one of those experiences that make me go back to that little kid and make him feel like a little prince – noble, happy and rich. And it’s all because of the emotions that this festival is creating.

Emotions can make you a noble-happy-rich human being.

Getting into the mood of the festival it’s so easy because performing artists, music, theater, dance – they’re everywhere. The Prince and the Beggar is my way of reinterpreting and living the theater in fashion. It’s about me but it could be about anyone who lost their faith or never had one – their faith in magic, in feeling art and not understading it and in metamorphosis.

You are the only one who can transform yourself. I did it for fun. It’s a honest piece of fun and it was taken in the early morning on the streets of the old city in Sibiu. The little prince and the beggar came to life especially for this wonderful festival that I’m going to be enjoying in the next 10 days.

It’s not about clothes this time. It’s about costumes. They were made by an amazing designer: George Neagu – they’re accesories taken of his past and present collections.

The Prince:

Shoes and trousers: Zara. White Shirt from Ralph Lauren.

The Beggar:

Shoes from Global. White & Dark Shirts from H&M. Jeans from Lee Cooper AW13.

Everything else from George Neagu SS13 and SS14