10 things about the future of fashion

Posted on July 14, 2015

Technology and the new science achievements and discoveries are changing the world as we know it. Nothing is extinct but everything is transforming and that includes the future of fashion and clothing as we know it. Here’s 10 things you should know about this.

The next 10 quotes are taken from a video you’ll find at the end of this post. The quote are about clothing, fashion, fabrics and represent.

The video covers all aspects of this transformation & change: the glam & futuristic, the sports & susteinability, the organic, the effect on climate, the day to day life.


Studio XO talks about working Gaga & glamour, draws your attention towards the evolution, the glam part and the things that technology can do to clothes – such as the flying dress.

Adidas talks about sport, keep you interested in how practical, useful for sports people and their training. How clothes can help you monitorizing your activity & develop better clothes for them

Biocoture brings the organic, how the proccess of creating clothing will become more natural, will be compared to brewing beer or making food, we are going to wear something that has a life of its own.



1. We begin with a narative, we imagine a world.

2. It’s about making science fiction science fact.

3. Nancy Tilbury together with her team at Studio XO, she works to actively develop what they call digital couture experiences. Which in basic terms means creating garments that are interactive and evolving. The ultimate goal is to bring these ideas and concepts to the streets.

4. “It’s a garment with a factory inside. It’s a transformative piece that builds and produces bubbles.” – about the bubble dress they created for Lady Gaga for the night after she played the iTunes Festival in London before the release of ARTPOP.

5. It is pure design engineering that happens to be dressed up as fashion.

6. When envisioning the future, it’s easy to get caught up in the marvels of technology. Could the most groundbreaking of future inovations be organic? Embracing nature rather than dominating it.

7. We collaborate with scientists who are growing materials in the lab, using living organisms. And we are helping them to take those living materials from the lab to the market.

8. The future will be about designing the bacteria to will spin the thread to give it the quality that we want. So if we want it to repell water, we design that into the cell. If we want it to deliver some kind of nutritious quality to your skin perhaps, that could be designed into the material.

9. You can’t make clothes that are climate neutral or climate positive but you can certainly make clothes that have an absollute minimum impact on climate change.

10. Believe in ‘Tumblr for the body’. Remix culture emerges. One day we will wear the surface of the computers on our bodies.

The Next Black – A film about the Future of Clothing

Ready or not, the concept of clothing is going to change. Whether it moves in the direction of  technology, microbiology, susteinability, all of the above or something completely different, nobody can know.

But once the dust has settled, we’ll reflect on this time and think that what we ended up with was obvious, the same way we look back at any other transformation we ever experienced.