smart: A festival outfit to match the car

Posted on August 8, 2015

smart gave me a fun challenge for this festival week-end at Summer Well, something that crossed my mind before but I never tried seeing that I didn’t drive urban cars until now. They asked me to match their smart fortwo car – the new cool & urban car for fast-moving people – to my festival outfit.

I say yes to every challenge that involves fashion, styling and creativity. And I say yes to almost every challenge that involves moving fast & being smart about it!


The smart car

When it comes to festivals that happen outside the city, there’s always that question: how are we going to get there? There’s always the public transport which ends up chaotic everytime…. but there’s a smart-er choice too (pun intended).

We live in times where everything moves faster and faster everyday. And if we don’t keep up with it, we may get lost on the way. Not everyone will be a trend setter but we all must THINK FORWARD and find the best & fastest solution for every challenge.

While others still see traveling in kilometers per hour, some people think one step ahead. In the end, what matters in the city is another thing than what matters on the highway, on long roads. In the city you need to move very fast, you need to feel comfort in the traffic and in the crowd and you need your car to have a lot of smart functions and properties – one of them being the fact that you can easily find a parking spot ANYWHERE as it has only 2,69 m. More info about the car here. 

Your car shouldn’t stand in the way of my festival week-end. A car should be my friend, my ally. It should move fast and be easy to drive & place. And the new smart fortwo is my friend for the week-end.

The fashion

This challenge was fun because I had to think of an outfit that looks good both in the car and next to the car and in the festival area. So the questions is how do you match a festival outfit with your car?

Step 1: Choose comfort. Even though it looks like a small car, there’s a lot of space inside and it’s very comfortable even for someone who is 1,83m like me. So you can wear almost anything that feels comfortable. You need to dance, to laugh, to lay on the ground, someone might spill drinks on you so… choose comfort! Stretch skinny jeans work best. And sport shoes.

Step 2: Relate to the music. All the artists that play at Summer Well 2015 this week-end are from the UK. So I got one stylish-punk-modern-London look with a touch of color – red shoes, red shirt, 80s punk-rock music inspired Tshirt. The stylish part comes in the form of a hat.

Step 3: Get come clothes for change. If you stay up late until the morning and you don’t drink (we all know having a few drinks makes you not care about the weather anymore) – you might need some clothes for change.

I’m off to Summer Well, very excited to see all my favorite artists… and to listen to them in the car… on the road. Thanks smart for making my week-end more urban & comfortable!