Karl Lagerfeld has a genius quote on happiness

Posted on November 6, 2015

ANDREW O’HAGAN did a splendid portrait of Karl Lagerfeld in the new issue of T Magazine, the style issue of New York Times. He’s one of the icons that features the cover – that looks like something from the future – and he has a genius quote on happiness that we could all learn from.

‘‘Are you happy?’’ – asked Andrew O’Hagan while having lunch with The Lagerfeld in his Paris home.

‘You are never happy in the moment when you ask yourself that question,’’ he said. ‘‘So I don’t ask myself the question, which means I must be happy. I’ve been lucky. I didn’t finish school. I learned nothing. It is all improvisation. And yet I am not doing badly. Happiness is not something life owes you.’



The second brilliant thing he said – there’s not a lot to learn from this but we’re all thinking it:

I asked him what was his ideal of the perfect woman today. He didn’t hesitate.

‘‘Julianne Moore,’’ he said.

‘‘Why?’’‘‘I don’t know. I just think she’s great. Her whole life; the way she is in life. And Jessica Chastain — she’s great, too. Of the younger generation, I love Kristen Stewart. She is gifted. She looks tough but in fact she’s the nicest person in the world.’’

And the third and last quote is about daydreaming. In the world of high fashion where everything revolves around marketing, selling, buyers and the pressure to make money, Monsieur Karl has a special place for dreamers:

‘How important is daydreaming?’’

‘‘If you don’t daydream your life is a nightmare,’

And what the author wrote here is also quite genius:

He doesn’t have to make money and he doesn’t have to please anyone, except himself. One suspects this may be the biggest task of all. And that it has never been possible for Lagerfeld to say, ‘‘I don’t care.’’ Everything he does is a product of his need to put something in place that didn’t quite exist before, and that is carefulness as fuel, carefulness as existential necessity: He cares, therefore he is. I don’t believe anything about Karl Lagerfeld is accidental, and even his suppressions are part of his game.

Read the full story here, it’s brilliant and it says a lot about what hides behind the cold & strong image that the genius projected of himself! Photo by Jean Baptiste Mondino.