It’s not only about the clothes. What is it about then?

Posted on December 4, 2015

ZOOT challenged me to answer this question: “It’s not only about the clothes. What is it about then?”. They also challenged me to do some cool hunting on the streets of Bucharest and find some stylish, urban and very ZOOT-spirited people.

They call it the ZOOT spirit. And if you think you’re different than the rest and you see fashion being more than just about clothes, you are a ZOOTer. And more than that, it’s a new website that brings a new spirit to the online shopping world. They came all the way from Czech Republic and wanted to change something here but first, ZOOT wanted to see how the cool people of Bucharest look like. So that’s where they called three ambassadors – me being one of them – to take photos of these ZOOTers.


A few of my friends surprised me and showed up at the right place and time where they knew I was cool hunting for ZOOT. And to start answering the question in the title. It’s not only about the clothes. It’s about friendship, it’s about people being there for each other, friends being supportive without asking them to be, it’s about friends showing up with cups of coffee to warm you up or sweets to give you that energy boost that you need to be very active & sociable when you start talking to people you don’t know on the street.


Thank you Iulia, Albert, Madalina Dragoi from StyleTraveler & Sanziana Negru.


And thank you ZOOT for this challenge & wonderful experience. Here you have my answer for the question “What is it about then?” I talked about the creative energy that I felt during fashion week in London and Milan.

And also, here’s a TV commercial that we did for the most watched news program in Romania – Stirile Pro Tv – with almost 2 million people watching every night. It brings out the difference that ZOOT makes on the Romanian market: after you order the clothes online, they have a Happiness Booth where your order arrives in two business days (at least that’s how it worked out for my order) and you get to try on the clothes before you decide if you buy them or not. So you can also choose multiple sizes for every item and then leave the ZOOT booth with a smile on your face. PLAY! 🙂