Best songs I’ve listened to in 2015

Posted on December 18, 2015

A music challenge is always welcome! Canyon combines extraordinary design with a wide range of stylish and trendy multimedia, mobile accessories, and computer peripherals designed for youth, challenged me to bring out the best songs I’ve listened to in 2015.

So it was time to check out my YouTube, SoundCloud, Apple Music and other streaming websites and see what I’ve been listening to the most in the last 12 months. And the answer is down below. It’s a very personal top 10 with the melodies I had on repeat.


I hope you’ll like these songs – if you don’t know them already which you might because there’s some catchy pop songs as well – and I hope Canyon will enjoy them as well. And the challenge goes to YOU now, you can tell me in the comments which are your favorite songs from 2015.


1. Marina and The Diamonds – I’m a Ruin

Everytime I listen to the lyrics, I feel like they’re NOT written about me, I don’t find myself in the lyrics which is very unusual because usually that’s how I like songs – depending on how much I relate to the lyrics. But this song feels so great to me, feels so simple, so crystal clear production-wise that I just listened to it on repeat for weeks. And if you didn’t listen to her FROOT album, you missed one of the best pieces of alternative pop music in the last five years.

2. Troye Sivan – Wild (RAC Mix)

Well, been following this guy for a few years now and he finally decided to go into music more seriously with “Happy Little Pill”. And now, he’s one of the only fresh people in music that actually speak to young people. And this song is just an anthem for growing up and becoming yourself. I prefer the RAC mix because of the more energetic beat.

3. Years & Years – King

Oh well, my horoscope says I am a Leo. So this is like a power anthem for Leos who fall in love. And the sound of the Years & Years album is also so so good, it’s a very good piece of music that’s both consistent and trendy.

4. Troye Sivan – Youth

Actually, I could put half of Troye Sivan’s album here but I think I mostly listened to this one in the last few weeks of 2015. Loving the vocals.

5. Rihanna feat Kanye & Paul McCartney – Four Five Seconds

At first it didn’t seem right but after a few listens, it sticks to your brain. And the simplicity of it is what makes it great and easy to listen to. It feels like a song that we’ll be able to sing along to after five years. Maybe we’ll forget about it but the genre allows it to be listened to 5 years ago or 5 years from now.

6. Grimes – Flesh without blood

Grimes was a futuristic artist from the start and it feels like this video and this sound will set the trend for 2016.

7. Justin Bieber – Sorry

Well, I don’t know if someone ever thought that Bieber’s music will be good enough to be listened to by grown ups but here it is. The track that makes you dance with lyrics that stick.

8. Shawn Mendes – Stitches

The sound is infectious.

9. Duke Dumont – Ocean Drive

Sounds like a very good soundtrack for a fashion show! And these lyrics:

As the silence filled the lonely air
Oh, they can hear now now now baby
We see a storm is closing in,
Pretending we’re escaping

Don’t say a word while we danced with the devil
You brought the fire to a world so cold
We’re out of time on the highway to never
Hold on (hold on), hold on (hold on)

10. Klyne – Paralyzed

It was a very good year for music. Canyon says: “Be Different”. And that was also the trend for 2015. The trend is to be different, to be yourself, to reflect your individuality and show more of what makes you different. And that’s exactly what you can do with the Canyon headphones – you choose your favorite color, your favorite model, your favorite shape and you roll with it.

Feel free to be different and change your identities. Don’t get stuck in subcultures – create harmony with people around you!

Hope you enjoyed it! #catchthetrend