Finding a smart Christmas gift

Posted on December 19, 2015

This year, it seems like finding a smart Christmas gift is harder than ever. Maybe it’s because all of my friends already have most of what they would have wished for. So the only way to give them something that they don’t need, a smart gift, something that says “I know you and I want you to have the best holiday ever”.

Searching for presents is still not done even though there’s a few days left and I also have a holiday trip planned that I’m very excited about. But the right choices will come along.


It’s the most wonderful time of the year. And the busiest and the craziest, sometimes. So I had a little help in the search for gifts – well, not so little but a very smart one. You might already know that I had a lot of fun with the smart fortwo car at the Summer Well Festival 2015 when I had to match my festival outfit with the urban car.

This time – because I had to go around town with some friends in search for Christmas presents – the people from smart Autoklass Romania were nice enough to give me a challenge with a four seater. You know how much millenials love a good game with a cool reward – it’s a damn car!

So they said that I can have the new smart forfour for a few days if I follow their clues on Facebook and figure out where it’s hidden around Bucharest. And then I can pass it forward to another blogger and make up some clues to help her (it was Mazilique, the best known Romanian food blogger) find the car as well.

It took me like 40 minutes to figure out where the smart forfour was hidden and another 30 minutes to find it on the London street in Bucharest where it was parked, waiting for me. It was pretty cold so I felt two times happier when I found it because I got to drive to a meeting and get warmed up.

Me and my friends – with the fortwo I could only take one another friend with me but this time it was four of us –  went on searching for presents from shopping mall to shopping mall with stops to eat and have drinks. And we also took the car out of town to see the most wonderful Christmas village that they did this year around Bucharest, in Mogosoaia. Listening to winter songs, talking about Christmas past and funny experiences, sharing a pancake and a cup of hot tea in the cold night air and… of course, taking selfies next to the Christmas lights. And had this photoshooting that you can enjoy below.


About the smart forfour car

Thanks to its compactness and agility it is the perfect car for the city. And with plenty of cargo volume and space for four adults the smart forfour is ready for everything that life holds in store. It’s easy to park, to sneak around town and the sound system is good enough to have a karaoke with your friends.

My favorite part was the night sky view – you can lift off by looking at all the Christmas lights through the folding roof. You have an almost complete experience.

It’s your turn!

You can have the smart forfour for a few days at the beginning of next year. From 7 to 10th of January 2016 you can try to find where the forfour is hidden around town and you can enjoy it if you’re the fastest one. The challenge will happen on the smart Facebook page!

Photography and editing by Sebastian Florea