The smartest way to shop during SALES weeks

Posted on January 27, 2016

There’s a way that I find useful to shop during SALES weeks and I thought to share it with you. And to bring some news regarding some of the best offers in Bucharest for clothes.

I never believed in buying things during SALES, things that I wished throughout the year. There are two rules that I created for myself when I get discounted clothes:

1. Next trends. I always look at the next trends – for Spring Summer and especially for next Fall-Winter – because you usually get winter clothes discounted during SALES – and try to buy stuff that will be very in trend next season or a year from now.

2. Timeless. With a few exceptions, I think that the smartest way to shop is by thinking “am I going to wear this in a few months or a few years?”. Yes, we do live in consumerism but unless you’re a billionaire, you have to think about how much you’re going to invest in clothes and if you’ll be able to wear them like an evergreen, timeless pieces. Those are usually black, white, grey or simple colors and shapes that would have been in fashion a few years ago and could be cool a few years from now.

These days, I got a challenge from AFI Palace Cotroceni to join their campaign for HUGE SALES – up to 70% and more – most of them are 70% at least so it’s a really good bargain.

AFI challenged me to dress three mannequins that they’re showing in the mall these days (26-28th of January). I dressed one in full grey and smart – my favourite style. I dressed one a bit more sporty – casual pants, sport jacket and a rose quartz (ok, ok, it’s pink but it looks a lot like the Pantone Color of The Year) shirt. And the third one, I went for blue jeans, an orange plaid shirt – that’s going to be in trend next Winter – and a very smart casual jacket with a Serenity Blue scarf.



Then, it was my turn to challenge the people that follow me on Facebook – men only – to show me their dream outfit – sport or casual or smart. I had over 20 people who showed me their favourite outfits – most of them with photos from other bloggers. I chose a winner and took him shopping with a voucher paid by AFI Palace Cotroceni, of course.

So I was the personal shopper for Filip, 14 years old very cool guy – I was quite surprised at the clothes he was looking at and picking up, his style was simple but smart and good looking. We had a few hours to enjoy in AFI and we created his favourite look – which was an all black jeans, sweater, boots and jacket – as I said: timeless.


We chose a full outfit from Time Out with boots from Bata. We enjoyed this experience, I am grateful to AFI Palace Cotroceni for including me in this and allowing me to get inspired by people who entered the contest. And also, I am very very grateful for having my styled work showed in the middle of one of the biggest malls in Romania. And there’s also a placard there that includes my logo.

So it’s your turn to go shopping and take advantage of this amazing opportunity to buy your favourite clothes with 70% on sale. Enjoy and let me know if you have any tips & tricks for shopping!