Styling & creative direction: Andreea Balan – “Baby Be Mine” video

Posted on January 29, 2016

It’s time to release the second project that we worked on with Andreea. And this time it was a more feminine, more minimal look, according to the trends and her personal vision on this project. Here’s the style file for the “Baby be mine” music video.

When Andreea started talking with us about this song – which start out as a dance song that was transformed into a lovely, very simple love song – we were excited about the direction because she had this vision of “everything surrounded by love, a woman feeling loved and in love, bringing light, positivity and showing a radiating, pure side of love”.

We re-created Andreea’s vision:  a feminine, romantic look with subtle punk-metallic accents – like bracelets, rings. It was exciting to create an all white outfit as we knew the trends for Winter included that as well. And also a lot of bohemian, 70’s influences. The “Baby be mine” video was shot last June so it was  challenging to work on something that’s going to be released nine months after that. It had to be very spot on on the trends and timeless, in the same time. Something that you can watch and enjoy even after a few years.

The video was directed by Edward Aninaru and we had a great connection working on this project with him, he truly takes the artist’s vision and the creative team’s vision to the next level.  The make-up was done by the talented Satya Linak who worked on Tom Ford’s campaign with Lady Gaga as well.

I love the simplicity in these screenshots.


The creative direction is signed by Andreea Balan and Edi Enache. And the styling is signed by The Fashion Jumper Team – in this case it was Edi Enache and Tio Torosyan.

The fashion credits include two names: ASOS and Ana Novic – we sent her the moodboard for the video and she came up with ideas and also used some pieces form her latest collection. And we accesorized everything with some vintage boots and jewelry that we bought from vintage markets.


First look: ALL WHITE

White pants & blouse from, vintage belt taken from a vintage market in Singapore. And silver bracelets and rings.




Second look: BOHO CHIC

White dress from Ana Novic with an oversized leather belt from Zara and vintage studded leather boots and golden bracelets and rings. And ballet shoes – because she’s a very good dancer and she really wanted something that remembers people about her passion towards dance.



Third look: BEACH LOVE, boho chic

This look was for the love story part of the video so she had to be able to move in a black boustier, the black belt from Zara and a bohemian long skirt from Ana Novic. With rings, bracelets and metallic details.



Fourth look. The red-dress dancer emoji.

This look was a combination of the flamingo dancer emoji and the contemporary dancer photos that Andreea had in her moodboard. The beautiful dress is by Ana Novic, again. It was fluid, feminine and created flower-petals shapes.