Cartoon hero (episode 2)

Posted on March 3, 2016

It’s amazing when creative people inspire each other. There’s a 10 years age difference between me and Ionut Reti, yet we manage to inspire each other constantly, in the last few months. He did a new drawing of me and this time, I really am a cartoon hero. He transformed me into a some sort of puppy inspired from the new Disney animation that all of us are dying to see: Zootopia.

Ionut Reti – I wrote about him a few months ago when he did an illustration of me without knowing that I already had many of his drawings and illustrations in my styling moodboard. Recently, he did another grey-blue one.

And this morning, I woke up at 6:55 and saw this new drawing that the young talented Reti sent me. It’s inspired by my latest post from Lisbon with the coat, the shoes and the pants. Grey hair and green eyes. And a shiny nose, hehe. And also by Zootopia and all the cute animals that are flying in GIFs all over Tumblr. It’s a great combination of the two, a stylish cartoon character.


Here’s the other drawing he did recently, inspired by my shooting from Milan Fashion Week.


And here’s some of his recent work – you can find more on his Instagram!