April in Press: Marie Claire and ZOOT

Posted on April 13, 2016

It is an honor and a privilege to be featured in the April issues of the Romanian Marie Claire magazine and the ZOOT magazine. Seeing my work and my passion celebrated and promoted in beautiful places that reach thousands of people makes me very grateful. It’s the best proof that if you work hard and you continue doing it no matter what difficulties you find on the way, you will fulfill your dreams.

For the new issue of Marie Claire magazine, they wanted to make an article about men and their passion for shoes. We did a shoot with one of the best Romanian photographers – Alex Galmeanu – and one of the human beings with the best energy I’ve felt in the art & fashion world. The result is a page with a photo of me jumping above some of my favorite shoes and a small interview about my connection with clothes and shoes, especially. You know it’s never just about clothes for me, it’s about how you connect them with your personality, your inner self and how you can express yourself through it.


Of course, I wanted to jump in the photos but Alex came up with the idea of mixing sport shoes with smart ones, playing with the contrast of being young, exploring youth and individuality. We took a few shots, everytime I had to do another jump – another style. And I only had a few seconds between shots to think about my position, my face, my body and catching the best light. It felt like I everything I did so far lead me up to this point because – as you’ve seen – I try to jump differently everytime. And I tried all the jumping positions I knew.

We decided which was the best one and the master photographer had the idea to make the same jump at least 2o times, trying to repeat it and make a GIF out of it.  This is the result:


Working with Alex Galmeanu was easy, it was a short exchange of good vibes and I finally understood why everyones wants to work with him, he’s got a really good energy and it feels like he’s there to take the photo that he can – which is every photographer’s mission but he actually inspires you to do your best as well. It was an honour to meet him and work with the team from Marie Claire as well, very thankful and grateful for it. You know when they talk about the fashion industry and they say people are mean and very hard to communicate with? Well, this experience proved me that it’s not the case. Everything was simple, easy, lovely.


Then we have the new issue of the ZOOT Magazine. Here’s the experience we had in Timisoara when they opened their new store where you can try on the clothes that you order online. We spent two days cool hunting and meeting beautiful people and they wanted to feature that in print.