Tunisian Dream, new collection by George Neagu

Posted on April 22, 2016

The narative of the new George Neagu collection follows the storyline of the English Patient movie together with the cultural appropriation and background of Tunisia, one of beautiful locations and sceneries where the picture that got 9 Oscars was shot.

The Tunisian Dream starts with Miss K who is injured after their plane crash. She is waiting for her lover to rescue her in a cave. The new collection that George Neagu created for Spring Summer 2016 follows the love story and the journey that the Gentleman goes on to find his true love.

Anyone can become the English Patient. Anyone can identify with him. From the way he enters the tunisian bazaar, each of us will enter our own “bazaar”, we will go on our own journey to find love.

The Tunisian bazaar is crowded with merchant ladies that offer their help, their guidance and their salvation for the English Patient. If he’d be a hero, the ladies would be his sidekick. Each of them give a piece of information, they’re a part of this game of finding love.

It’s all about love. And if you believe in it, anything can happen. – that’s how George described it.

Tunisian Dreams – the ladies

First we have the lady with long hands and a lot of heavy weights and accesories that she needs to wear. She is like a brigde between cultures, she’s the harmony and the glue that keeps it all together. She’s the beginning.

George Neagu-Tunisia

George Neagu-Tunisia2

Then we have the lady with a chandelier on her head and with little bottles that are filled with magic and healing potions.

George Neagu-Tunisia6

There’s the lady with carpets. She will pave the way when the road becomes confusing.

George Neagu-Tunisia4

And the lady with flowers and flavors. These are handmane tunisian flowers that are made of sand but look just like real ones. You can keep them in a bowl and set them on fire to get a nice smell out of it, that authentic flavor that reminds him of the desert.

George Neagu-Tunisia3

George Neagu-Tunisia7

At the end of the road, there’s Miss K. She’s waiting for him with a thimble around her neck, a thimble that he gave to her when their love story started. She waited for him in the cave until she died.

George Neagu-Tunisia5

There’s this quote in the movie that says: “In memory, love lives forever.” And its the same with clothes and telling this kind of story as George Neagu does with his collection, using a theatrical point of view, using lightning, costumes, decor, furniture, special food, traditional Tunisian tea and cookies, chandelier, colors. When you enter his showroom, it feels just like entering a theater play and the story changes everytime you hear it. It’s a world of magic that lives forever.

The Tunisian Dream collection had a partnership with the Embassy of Tunisia in Romania. Mihaela Glavan did a special collection of shoes for it. Agatha Blanck did the floral arrangement for it. Costina Iordache created the styling ideas together with George. And I did the photos following the vision of the master George.