Posted on April 28, 2016

Tio is back with a few very inspiring illustrations that bring out one of the most beautiful themes of the year in fashion: FRECKLES.

When asked why he chose to work with freckles and turn them into a more artistic statement, Tio Torosyan – the talented dude that did a lot of fashion illustrations for The Fashion Jumper so far – said that “it wasn’t on purpose to do this line of portrait-illustrations with freckles, I just found a photo on Instagram done by Brock Elbank. There was a guy in the photo, his name is George. And he has freckles all over his face, I just liked it and I started doing his illustration and from there it started this entire series.”


He transformed the models into characters that tell a deeper story than the photos that they were inspired from. They’re moody and have a certain evergreen nostalgy about them.

“Next girl is Julia Hafstrom, she actually has freckles all over her face as well. Whatever, at some point it just started to be kind of a new style of mine!” – says Tio.
“And it is in trend actually, many fashion designers use as a makeup fake-freckles face for the models in their runway shows.
My favorite one is Molly Bair illustration from the cover of Interview Magazine, I always liked her, she has very freaky beauty.” – that’s what the artist said.
And last one is from the photo done by Mert & Marcus with Chloe Grace Moretz, the girl under the water.
The only one that is fictional, just my imagination is the “doll girl’.
And there’s also this one – which was inspired by a photo from catwalk with a very beautiful model.
And here you have the amazing difference between the original photos and the illustrations. It feels like Tio and the photographer were in the same room, he painted it in his imagination and the photographer captured what he saw, as well. It’s two different moods and Tio’s vision is so unique that it feels like a totally different model.






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