Why am I… made to create?

Posted on May 28, 2016

A while ago, Lee Cooper Romania challenged me to show them why I am made to create and how my creative process goes.

When Lee Cooper came up with this campaign for “Made to…” and associated me with “Made to create”, it was the first time I truly asked myself why am I made to create? Why do I have this need? Is it ego? Or is it more than that?

I didn’t publish this photoshooting and the video because I found the answer only a few weeks ago after I went to Timisoara for another project. I got to meet so many people that read & appreciated my blog, my work and my online presence. And while talking to them, I understood that it changed little parts of their lives. It inspired them. It made them see life in a different way. And it made me grateful for being able to make people smile and enjoy photos, places, ideas, clothes, buildings, flowers, food, whatever. It’s the most humbling experience I’ve ever had in my life.

I am trying to show a beautiful side to life. I am working on myself everyday and documenting that work, while seeing the big picture and why people are the way they are. I trying to show that style & fashion is about connecting your personality to your outside. And to know how to do that, you need to know yourself, your real self, not your perception of who you think you are or who society thinks you are.

So why am I made to create? Because by expressing myself in this way – writing, photos, videos, GIFs, moods, ideas, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook – and creating this blog, this is my best way to change the world. For now. It is the best way I can actually have an impact. I worked a lot and I am still learning about how to live a beautiful, balanced and healthy life. And if someone wants to do the same, maybe they can get some inspiration or some ideas. Or they can see that it gets better. That every country – in this case, Romania – has many beautiful things, beautiful people and you can have a wonderful life if you are surrounded by wonderful people and know how to build yourself up, no matter where you came from.

People telling me they started doing yoga with Adriene and it helped them sleep & feel better, it helped lose weight and find balance. People telling me they went to a hotel or a restaurant or a club that I wrote about and they had a wonderful time. People telling me about how my creativity inspires them. It’s my way of changing the world. That’s why I am made to create. And that’s why I am thankful for having the life that I have. And thankful for working with Lee Cooper for this project.

This is how most my work is done. With doing moodboards and research, with styling, taking the photos – most of the times, by myself with a tripod or with help from friends – with editing and posting my work online. This is the new way, Do It Yourself!

Shirt, jeans, leather jacket & shoes from Lee Cooper











You have no idea how big of an impact what you do & post online can have on people’s lives. No matter who you are.