41 festival outfit ideas for 2016

Posted on July 8, 2016

Looking throught the best festival outfit ideas from the past few years to research for this article, I figured out there’s a few typologies of dressing down for a music summer festival. And as the summer of 2016 is probably the one when Romania will enjoy its peak in these kind of events, it’s safe to see some inspiration for how to dress at Electric Castle, Summer Well, Untold, Spellground or any other interesting music gathering that you might attend this summer.

If you’re looking for a list of the beautiful things to do in the summer 2016, here it is, it includes mostly music festivals!

First, you got the boho style with a good hat to protect you from the sun, with a lot of accessories, silver bracelets with blue or green stones and minimal Tshirts. Basically, the accessories and the attitude make this one a stand-out in the crowd. It’s Johnny Depp all over again!


Floral prints are probably always in trend for summer. But this year, I feel like there’s a huge range of beautiful shirts in Zara stores – inspired by up-market brands, of course. You can go as bold as to wear a full floral print. With shorts and a hat. And good sunnies.

Monsieur Jerome

And if you’re not into floral prints, there’s all sorts of prints to go along. It can be exotic, hawaiian shirts, sunrise-sunset ones or cars-themed ones. This is a very casual, holiday look, with no accesories, to make it look efortless.


Overalls are probably the most comfortable thing to wear in the summer, especially if you find a good denim that won’t make you sweat out. It’s probably the youngest look from the crowd, it take you back to kindergarden with sunnies and hats, with shirts and a postman bag.


Well, if you wanna get inspiration from celebrities, here we have Matt Healy from The 1975, he’s a festival God but I wouldn’t recommend the heels. Then it’s Austin Butler, he’s always on point, the modern version of Brad Pitt with a bohemian twist. Then it’s the newcomer who’s taking the fashion world by storm – Brooklyn Beckham, his way of rocking the floral shirt is probably my favorite pick for the summer of 2016! And then there’s Jared Leto in shades of blue, denim with a bandana and accesories.


One of the best choices of a festival is a tank top – personally, I think you need to have good looking arms to rock this one, it looks more masculine that way. But you can do it anyway. So a simple tank top will save you for the day. With ripped jeans and skater shoes.


Everytime I look at these photos, I think about Marlboro Man and Adam Gallagher. It’s the festival version of a very classy, GQ-dandy dude. With a classy hat, a classy shirt, nice jeans and a shirt. And some simple and small accesories, just small details that make the difference.

This might be the most popular one. The new Americana. Lana del Rey. Harley Davidson. Rocker thsirt, ripped jeans. Converse shoes, tank tops. Hats. Bandanas. 90s kids. You get the point, it’s the easiest way to wander around and have fun! Oh, and fun sunnies.


I would have loved to rock any of this looks from the Hunter Original Spring Summer 2016. Nylon looks ready for rainy weather, camouflage colors and prints and of course, their trademark boots for festival. I really fell in love with the hanging strings! Wishful thinking!


The artist type. The creative guy. The stylish hippie. I feel like this is a more mature look.


This was one of my outfits for last year’s Summer Well festival. It was a challenge started by smart, I got new ideas for 2016, can’t wait to play around for Electric Castle, Untold and Summer Well!