My first acting job: Sore – Palpitatii (music video shot)

Posted on October 5, 2016

So my first acting job is out now! I played the boyfriend in Sore’s new music video: “Palpitatii”. We shot it in Paris, France for two days and I’m happy to see the result and I’m happy that this challenge turned out so well.


There’s like five Romanian artists that I appreciate so much to work with them on a project like this one. And Sore is one of them because I got to know her through my past jobs (as a music editor in chief, as a reporter and social media strategist for Media Music Awards) and I got to see that she takes her job very serious and makes the most of it with a positive and proffessional attitude. Also, she speaks to young minds and her music targets milennials so that was interesting as well. And her attitude and mind set is that she always wants to be different from the rest and shows people that it’s okay to not be like everyone else.

Sore Palpitatii videoclip

So the challenge for the music video for PALPITATII came from the director Nico Grigore. She contacted me about the project, she told me about Sore and that I’m going to shoot with them in Paris (before, I only met Nico briefly for this small portrait session and we had a great chemistry). I said yes and then we talked about the moodboard and my styling and what were the feelings that we were supposed to portray in the music video.


It was two days and a half in Paris of shooting. At some point, we all had 24 hours of non-sleeping and we were still shooting at 3 am near Notre Dame bridge. The big challenge was the fact that we had to play boyfriend and girlfriend who either love or fight with each other. And as soon as make-up and hairstyle were ready, we got out of our hotel in Le Marais and started holding hands and acting live lovebirds. And there were so many spontaneous moments, we were laughing, having a lot of fun and enjoying a beautiful sunny day.


During nighttime, we had the start acting the first fighting scenes so… that was the big challenge because I had to yell, punch a wall and fight in the middle of the street.


And it was a bit surprising for me that I really got in the mood and felt the anger that people who are in love sometimes feel, when things go bad. I don’t really have a lot of acting experience, I played around in high school in a few drama sketches and watched some acting lessons on YouTube and also shot a short film a few months ago. But nothing as challenging as this.


And it might a new starting point. As much as I enjoyed it – although it was pequliar that, even after I shot the scene, I still felt the anger and it took a while to get out of character – I feel like I would do it over and over again.


Then there was a second day of love and hate in different areas of Paris. And seriously, I was so excited about seeing Paris in fall and being able to work on those streets. It gave me energy, it gave me inspiration and it filled my mind with beautiful imagery.


The styling was signed by Amir Dobos. The song was written by Sore, Serban Cazan and Smiley and produced at HaHaHa Production. And the video was directed by the brilliant Nico Grigore – it was her first music video that she ever did.


I have to say I am extremely grateful for this experience and for the team that I have been a part of: Sore, Nico Grigore (the director), Florentina (make-up artist) and Adonis Enache (hair stylist extraordinaire). I’ve seen many video shoots so far – more than 100 probably but this was, by far, the most relaxed, fun and creative one because everyone was feeling good in Paris and making the most of it even when we felt like we should have been asleep for 8 hours already.