10 best new Romanian designers (Gala UAD 2016)

Posted on November 21, 2016

GALA UAD is one of the most influential and revealing Romanian fashion events, bringing forward new talent and the best of the new wave of Romanian designers, the visionaries, the new creatives.

The 2016 edition of GALA UAD took place in the middle of the summer in Cluj Napoca and it brought a huge fashion with 16 bachelor degree collections, 11 masters projects and over 60 models going on a runway of over 70 metres long. And over 1000 guests.

Out of all the 27 collections that we saw in the beautiful hot night of July in Sala Polivalenta, here’s the 10 that I think will be the most defining for the small world that is the Romanian fashion industry. Still, the designers from Cluj bring the best out of the Romanian design and manage to push the boundaries and rise the quality level up a few notches.

It’s a fresh intake of talent and somehow, I chose the ones that manage to be ready-to-wear, something that you could buy and wear tomorrow on the street. In the same time, it had to be something new, something creative and to celebrate the human body – I think it’s important to think about more than shapes but proportions and a way to make the female or male body – especially the female one – look beautiful. I have no expertise when it comes to fashion, I talk straight from a viewer and fashion lover’s point of view so take this as a: “new beautiful talented designs & the people who make them”.

So what you will find underneath is the name of the designer, the collection’s name – the diploma (I mixed together the bachelor and the master degrees) project, end of the year’s theme – and the keywords that every designer used when creating this beautiful madness. Also, you will first find photos from the catwalk show and then one or two shots from the special editorial shooting styled by the lovely Diana Flore with photos taken by Emil Costrut.

Also, there’s three things that I want to mention regarding the Gala UAD from Cluj:

  1. The Gala UAD is the most influential fashion event in Romania. And it’s probably the only event where all the influential and big fashion editors come together to discover, observe, celebrate and promote fresh talent.
  2. I am truly grateful for being part of this event and getting so inspired by the amazing talent. For a fashion gala with so many shows and such a big crowd, they managed to create a splendid event dedicated to beautiful, creative and imaginative storytelling through fashion.
  3. Congratulations are in order for everyone involved but I think a huge round of applause goes to the two wonderful human beings that guided these new designers through their final bachelor & master year and their collection: Prof.univ.dr. Elena Basso Stănescu and Lect.univ.dr. Lucian Broscățean. Every person who’s been backstage at the Gala UAD knows how involved they are and how much they try to build up the designer’s trust & talent and how they take the collection to the next level with the styling and the mise-en-scene and final touches. And it was inspiring to see how the bright young minds were listening to every direction & advice that Lucian was giving them and how open they were to learning from one of the best and brighest Romanian creative people.

Bogdan Druta


Keywords: protest, discrimination, acceptance, violence, body, orientation, unisex, construction, vulnerability, individual, group, behaviour, collectivism, reason, intolerance, freedom, constraint, hostile.



Smaranda Buc

White Sport

Her keywords were made of elements from the clothes like fabrics, zipper, mesh, white, overlay



Raul Lazar


Development, bizarre, gloomy, diry, darkness, mold, gray, felt, pores, deconstruction, grotesque, leaden, mushrooms.



Adriana Timofti


Keywords: sacred, center, world, archetypal, eternal, tradition, archaic, axismundi, contemporary, chaos, order, cosmicization.



Sabina Pop

Glimpse of her

Keywords: feminist art, corporality, liberation, emancipation, guerilla movements, Judith Chicago, Louise Bourgeois, Vanessa Beecroft.



Evelin Demeter

White Ghost

Keywords: myths, beliefs, albinism, ghostly, strange, haunted vs hunting, pastels, unconventional, uniqueness, symbolism.



Emese Bako

The lies have to travel

Keywords: imagination, expression, reflection, transformation, energy opulence, 1969, dreamer, realist, freedom, rose, star, crystal.



Carla Put


Keywords: nightmare, subconcious, transitions, mystery, emotion, fear, imaginary, conscience, organica, illusion, dettachment, temporal, monsters, dream, pressure, supernatural.



Anamaria Put


Keywords: identity, ceremony, ritual, tradition, religion, excitement, spirit, neopaganism, wicca, mystery, worship, faith, development, harmony, freedom, symbol.



Luis Drajan

Nostril Bleeders

Keywords: narcissism, individualism, rebellion, glitch, slef irony, ambivalent, generation Y, narcis, natural, synthetic, digital, mass-media, ego, undiluted.



For the catwalk show, the make-up was created by MAC Cosmectic Romania, the hairstyling was signed by a few salons:
Foarfeca de Aur, Vestige Atelier des Beaux Arts, POP Academy and Catwalk by Ramona Mîndru. And the models came from the Transilvania Fashion Agency.

Just a quick reminder: the Gala UAD was the starting place for many designers that made a name for themselves in the international and Romanian fashion industry. Thanks to the special scolarship programs created by UAD, the bachelor & master students applied and were accepted for internships for international brands like: Ann Demeulemeester, Craig Green, Ann Sophie BACK, Nasir Mazhar, BLESS, Erdem, Marios Schwab, Meadham Kirchhoff, Barbara i Gongini, Ashish, Michael Sontag, HAAL, H&M and many more.

Two of the last year’s graduates that showed their work in the Gala just received important results for their career and their mentors, as well: Andreea Castrase is already hired in the H&M Creative Office in Stockholm in the innovation department. And Ancuta Sarca was one of the finalists in the Designer for Tomorrow contest where Alber Elbaz was the mentor, the genius creative director that took care of Lanvin for 14 years, until 2015.

All photos by Emil Costrut