Revelatii: Efraim Muresan

Posted on June 12, 2017

“Revelation” is a manifesto that shows the men’s emotional side. In a world where men are expected to always be strong & rational and where society teaches boys that it’s a weakness to feel, to talk about feelings or show them because it’s a sign of weakness, one must not forget that men have emotions too. And the strongest ones, wear them on their sleeve. Or their faces.

It’s also about how the new generation of young men are waking up to new sides of their personalities, to their spirituality and how social media helped them to be more open about their emotions and the side of them that you usually call “vulnerability”. It’s the beautiful milennial switch that inspired “Revelation”.

The project reveals different types of masculinity. It’s the story of each of the 10 guys that were photographed in four similar life situations:

– with no emotions

– with over-positive emotions

– an intimate view

– the outside view, how you would see them on the street

With two exceptions, all the people involved in the project were found on Instagram after weeks or months of following their activity and finding unique features that inspired me to make this puzzle called “Revelation”.

The project also includes me, the photographer going through the same pattern. The photos were taken between June 2016 and December 2016.

Photography by Eduard Enache

Model: Efraim Muresan