7 reasons why NERVE is one of the best movies of 2016

Posted on September 20, 2016

NERVE is definitely one of the best movies of 2016. There’s so many good things about this new pictures that brings youth behaviour and adrenaline on the screen, here’s seven reasons to watch it. I rarely recommend movies but this is a good one, it kept me awake until the end and I was so excited to see what happens next.


The VIP Experience

 I enjoyed the VIP experience at the new Cinema City in Park Lake Mall in Bucharest. They had a lovely staff waiting and smiling and catering to every need, we were so well attended. They had two kitchen, one with gourmet pasta and pizza and peasant potatoes with all sort of sauces. And another bar with salads and the best sauces in the world – there was one sauce made of red peppers, please do try it when you go there. And there was cakes, a free popcorn and nachos bar – and yes, you could pour as much cheese sauce as you wanted. And drinks, a selection of fined wines. Everything was set in neon lights and relaxing music. So when you got this lovely one-hour-dinner before the movie, I guess every production that follows feels so good. And also, I need to say a few words about the chair. We literally felt like a home cinema situation, it feels like you’re on the most comfortable couch, you completely forgot there’s people around.


The soundtrack

It’s been years since I Shazamed more than one song during a movie. While seeing NERVE, I Shazamed EIGHT songs and after that I was already keen on streaming the entire OST when I got home. I posted a different article with the soundtrack right HERE! It’s a great autumn playlist! They got some of the best new artists that emerged in the alternative (pop, rock, electro) scene in the last few years: Melanie Martiez, BORNS, MO, Icona Pop, Halsey, Jungle and many more. It’s so contemporary!

The neon lights

Well, anything looks better in neon lights. And if you played Need For Speed or Grand Theft Auto, you’ll love this one. They got so many shots with amazing lighting. Whether it’s on the motorcycle or a shop or on a rooftop, everything looks somehow futuristic and colorful. It makes the night shots full of action and excitement.


The challenge

Truth or dare. In real life. With real stakes. I think the movie shows us how far the online experience can go when it comes to people accepting a challenge – and we’ve seen so many people doing challenges on YouTube, challenges that other people picked for them. It also speaks of a new trend amongst millennials. We need to be challenged, we need something that gets us in a gaming mode.


The Watchers versus The Players

You need to see the picture and decide for yourself what’s better. NERVE certainly divides the world in TWO. You’re either a watcher. Or a player. You’re either in your comfort zone and you don’t take any risks or you take all the risks, learn so many new lessons, grow up and win big… and change the world while doing so. And again, if you’ve seen it, you know what I mean.


The cinematography. The camera angles, the point of view, the beautiful views

You get three main points of view. The character’s point of view, the witness point of view and…. the technology point of view. You see through the computer screen and the phone screen. It makes it human and it feel more real than it should. And it brings so much dynamic to the movie. I expect to see more of that in the future, it feels so young and it keeps you trained. Also, you don’t really expect beautiful cinematography from a mainstream youth-oriented movie but this one brings some amazing shots that make you wanna book a ticket to New York and spend endless nights roaming the city streets.


The adrenaline rush

You expect a happy ending everytime you see a movie like that. But you never know which characters will survive until the end, especially when they drive blindfolded at 100km/h – spoiler alert, sorry – but you’re there and it keeps you on at all times. There’s never a dull moment in the movie. It’s all about the rush, the challenge, the adrenaline of not being caught shoplifting or doing so many crazy things. It’s weird to see a game turn to life like this. Weird in an exciting way. You get connected to the picture on an emotional level.


So… do you have the NERVE to see it?

And no, I didn’t get money to write about this, I really really enjoyed the experience at Cinema City in Park Lake and wanted to write about it and if you got the money and wanna feel spoiled, you should totally do this, it will be worth it. The good part is that I discovered a new way of enjoying movies, more than just getting popcorn and going into the cinema, it’s a way of life, you get dinner, drinks, sweets and have a lovely chat and than.. you hop on the couch and enjoy what comes next like you’re at home with your best friends.

The bad part is that my cinema experience will be changed forever. I will never be able to enjoy a movie in regular chairs when I know that there’s a better experience a few meters away in the VIP room. You cannot imagine how much it changes your mood and your comfort. So yeah… I need to work hard to see all my favorite movies in VIP from now on. It’s not about the exclusivity, it’s about the experience and beautiful moments.

Long story short: YOU FEEL LIKE YOU ARE PART OF THE MOVIE, OF THE CHALLENGE, OF THE EXPERIENCE. And that’s the most that you can get from a movie these days.

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