8 cool trends for Spring Summer 2015

Posted on May 25, 2015

In 2015, trends speak more than ever about simplicity, needs, experience and efficiency. The selection of cool trends for Spring Summer 2015 is also one based on simplicity but this summer is dominated by all-color outfits: all white, all denim, all grey, all black, suits, artistic & repetitive prints and patterns. And it is brought ON by Canyon, the coolest place with accesories & gadgets that define the modern guy!



Spring Summer 2015 trends:


As much as some of us try to run away from them, fashion trends are part of our life. And we end up embracing them – the ones that are accordingly to our personality. What we can learn from them is the way the human life evolves. The shapes, the directions, the influences, the throwbacks and the way every single thing we’ve known since we were born has a way of coming back to us. We just need to embrace it. Embrace our past, present our future – because trends are not only about the future. Trends are about how we embody what we lived, what we are experiencing now and our courage to try the NEW, the future, the modern, the unknown.

The world has been filled with colors, with the return of the pop-art, with prints and textures, with 3D applications on clothes and with everything that’s modern and cool for the young generation. After a huge wave of buzz, plastic and color – to get the attention of our young minds – it is time to learn how to wear clothes the simple way, the minimal way, the 70’s way, the soft-colors way.

CANYON & I hope that you’re going to enjoy these particular trends for Spring Summer 2015!


Before Andy Warhol got the chance to mix it all up with colors, there was a white canvas. It’s simple, it’s a starting point, it looks royal in many ways, it’s very elegant but sporty as well. It brings the best in summer and makes the body radiate. I like to call it WHITE RIVER because it’s not at all about stretch, skinny and small clothes. It’s about an ensemble of oversized white objects that look like a river of white that flows, it looks more like a WATERFALL. Or WHITERFALL.



At first many were reluctant of this trend but when you think about how much fun you can have with it and how easy can be to combine your denim. Denim on denim is a fashion faux pas turned serious fashion trend for Spring Summer 2015. Take it from Miuccia Prada who showed stiff denim trousers paired with denim jackets on the Spring 2015 Prada runway. Or from the rock ‘n’ roll on the runway at Saint Laurent. Get the look with tight black jeans, and an even tighter blazer with a slight military influence. I usually prefer the blue version. Blue is back.



Urban styles take inspiration from the popularity of street fashion and streetwear and they aime to achieve a high-end take on sporty, youthful styles that blend the sophistication of the luxury market with the casual attitude of the street. There’s perhaps no perfect locale than New York City to showcase the latest urban fashions.

It’s been a huge trend in women’s fashion for some time, and its finally reached its tipping point in men’s fashion—trouser shorts. Dressy enough for the office, or an evening out, these are a must-have for Summer (and work just as well right now).




Urban has become one of fashion’s favorite adjectives over the last couple of seasons. Then again we also have the normcore that changed fashion forever and will probably stay for years to come as people need clothes that can be classy but comfortable, streetwear but also cocktail, daywear and nightwear.

trends for spring summer 2015

Hybrid brings one of the best trends of the season: the long jacket / long trench that you can wear in any combination. In can be sport, classy, smart, casual or in any combination. It’s all about making life more efficient and more fun. You get something useful in dark shades – or more light ones like the Burberry collection in the middle – that you can wear anytime, anywhere.



trends for spring summer 2015

Relaxation is definitely on the mind for spring 2015 and for many designers, that meant sending their stylish men out to sea. Satin and silk in royal colors is the elegant trend for this season.



A 70’s inspired shade of mustard found its way into the Summer 2015 collections more likely than the Spring ones. It is a bit warmer than the bold nautical yellows of seasons past. For this season, the hue feels more functional as it complements many shades of olive and beige for the season, and looks new for outerwear and tailored clothing.

trends for spring summer 2015



You didn’t expect the release of the phenomenon movie that has been promoted intensely not to influence men fashion as well, right? Fifty shades of grey brought a lot of soft S&M inspired clothes in women fashions and accesories so for spring, GREY dominates as loose fits are mixed with more tailored fits. Featured among shorts of varying lengths and fits, the undeniable star of the season is the grey jacket. In all sorts of shades of grey. And mixed & matched with T-shirts, a summer blouse or a scarf (with multiple uses if you catch my drift), it brings the Christian Grey out of any man.

My choice are the light grey shades. It brings more peace and balance to the eye, it makes the soul feel easier and lighter, as it should in everyday’s life.


trends for spring summer 2015



While there wasn’t a ton of color on the men’s runways this season, pops of color did come into play thanks to whimsy-artistic prints, like button-downs featuring pink flamingos in Marc Jacobs’ Spring 2015 collection. The bottom line here? Just have fun with it. And fun could go from drops of fresh paint “elegantly” thrown or jeans with a romantic but bold message. Or the pink flamingo which is too much for me but if it feels like fun, give it a try.


COOL-BONUS: It’s all about the backpack in 2015!

While fashion designers have been trying for years to make the man bag happen (to varying degrees of success), THIS spring summer 2015 is all about the  backpack. Some brands showed versions on its Spring 2015 runway in mink (because, why not?), but you can get the urban chic look wearing one of the Canyon bags (I call it backpack).


I’m trying two versions of cool bags from CANYON for Spring-Summer (or Fall) this year: one in grey and one in black. One is light, easy to wear and very casual – with a touch of orange on the zipper, a spot of color. One is black, more classy, more business, bigger and very easy to carry around – especially when travelling – I have found many uses for it and I’ll write a proper article about the way a backpack can be versatile and good for almost any occasion and also about how it can change your life and make a difference.



The conclusion for this trends would be even bolder than last season that FASHION IS GOING TO BE BOTH ABOUT BEAUTY AND UTILITY. It’s not about squeezing a man into a suit. It’s about making a man feel comfortable in a suit for 24 hours. People will be buying less clothes but then ones that they are going to buy are supposed to be an smart buy. A smart investition. An utility, a beauty and a comfort.

Oh, and there are also a few other trends with nautical, hawaiian shirts, black and white and stripes but I guess that’s for every summer, there’s nothing special for 2015.


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