8 reasons to go and see Alice Through the Looking Glass

Posted on May 24, 2016

It’s hard to watch a movie at least 20 times – as I did with Alice in Wonderland – and then go and see the sequel. You have very high expectations for the next story of your favorite movie ever. But Alice Through The Looking Glass was much more than I expected and I cannot wait to go back and see it again, over and over, and enjoy the beautiful magic that Disney created with this picture.

First of all, I recommend seeing the movie at IMAX 3D as it emphasized every aspect of the movie and it gives you the feeling that you’re in Wonderland, living the best experience ever. You’re not just watching, you feel like you’re a part of the movie.


If you’d need any more reasons to see the movie – maybe you’re not as big of a fan as I am so you need convincing – here’s a few shots at it:

8 reasons to see Alice Through The Looking Glass

  1. Tim Burton – he’s, by far, the main reason why the first Wonderland turned out so great. The grim whimsical fantasy and his imagination made the first movie a phenomenon. He’s one of the best directors in the world – my personal favorite – and you can always recognize his characters by far. He was only the producer this time, leaving the direction duties to James Bobin. But you can tell that it’s his work.
  2. Twist – I won’t play with spoiler alerts but “expect the unexpected”. The storyline is out of the box and the trailers that promoted the movie did not give away the storyline.
  3. Linda Woolverton – she also wrote the script for Alice in Wonderland and became the first and only female screenwriter with a sole writing credit on a billion-dollar film. And to understand her creative mind, she also wrote or co-wrote the scripts for Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Lion King, Mulan and Maleficent. Seriously, one of the best tales that we, milennials love are written by her.
  4. Magic – there’s a sense of magic in every corner of the movie. You can either see it in the golden glittering shimmer that’s flowing around or the beautiful imagery with flowers, saturated colors and the fantasy world that we all hope to escape. This might be one of the best fantasy movies ever made.
  5. Time – there are many many TIME references and quotes that have double-meaning and can be quite deep & smart, especially if you take them out of context. It’s the kind of quotes that you would share on Instagram or Facebook, memorable and very clever. They played around with the concept of TIME like NO ONE ELSE HAS DONE BEFORE. Visually, metaphorically and emotionally. You’ll see what I’m talking about after you watch it.
  6. Alan Rickman – it’s his final ever movie role (voice cast) being released after he died a few months ago. Wonderland just wouldn’t be the same without Absolem and that deep-proffesor Snape voice that made his presence so iconic.
  7. The costumes by Colleen Atwood – I wonder how many awards Colleen Atwood will get for this one, she did a fascinating job. And just like Tim Burton, it’s a very specific kind of work, you can always tell when it’s Colleen’s work. She did the Wonderland movie in 2010 and got an Academy Award and a Bafta for the costumes. She also did a splendid job for “Into the woods”, one year ago. You know they did an exhibition with the costumes before – you can see more photos of details here!
  8. Disney. I have no comments here. It’s Disney, that’s the best reason to see any movie. Long live Disney!

And let’s not forget about the cast: Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway, Mia Wasikowska, Helena Bonham Carter, Sacha Baron Cohen and the voices of Alan Rickman, Stephen Fry and Michael Sheen.

The movie is 113 minutes and the budget was 170 million $, almost the same as the first one. To get in the mood, enjoy some joyous GIFs from the movie and the animated series!

Thank you, Cine Forum, Ran Events Comm, Cinema City at AFI Palace Cotroceni & Cristina Bazavan for this opportunity to enjoy the movie before it’s official premiere. It was one of the best things ever! #forevergrateful


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