An American in Paris

Posted on October 8, 2013

If you’ve seen the movie “An American in Paris” then you know where I got my inspiration for this shooting. If you haven’t, let me talk you through it… how you combine two of the well known (and loved) fashion cliches in one picture?

The Fashion Jumper - Eiffel Trocadero - Paris - 2
The two fashion cliches that first come to my mind are “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” (black dress, pearls, coffee, croissants and a childish stare) or “An American in Paris” (three friends who are dancing and singing like they haven’t got anything better to do). Since I’m not a woman and I have no desire in wearing pearls or a black dress – though I enjoy the croissants and the coffee – I decided to go for the second one.

The Fashion Jumper - Eiffel Trocadero - Paris - 3
As I was saying in this post, if you want to annoy the French people just wear the American flag as a T-shirt. The Stars and Stripes: Red, White and Blue are the same colors that you will find in the French Tricolour. I was lucky enough that there are only foreign tourists near the Eiffel Tower or Trocadero so I didn’t get any angry looks this time.

The Fashion Jumper - Eiffel Trocadero - Paris - 5
I’m not American but I love mixing cultural cliches like this one. And I don’t usually visit the Eiffel Tower when I’m in Paris but I’m sure Gene Kelly enjoyed dancing and singing next to it and I felt like I had to get into that state of mind: I got rhythm, I can jump!

The Fashion Jumper - Eiffel Trocadero - Paris - 8
My story could be pretty similar to the one in the movie: a struggling artist falls in a complicated romance in Paris. I found myself in that situation in the past. I was also dancing and singing on the streets so there’s not many differences between me and Gene Kelly. Except that he was one of the biggest Hollywood actors (and a fashion icon as well) and I’m just a fashion jumper (perhaps I’ll be a fashion icon someday?). And I got a tattoo saying: “regarde le ciel…”

The Fashion Jumper - Eiffel Trocadero - Paris - 9
I have to get back to clothes with my dark blue H&M overall (I look like a construction worker if I put it around my shoulders), the Stars and Stripes T-shirt from, the shirt from Stefanel and shoes from Vans. And I got the shades from ASOS.

The Fashion Jumper - Eiffel Trocadero - Paris - 4
At last, I feel like I have to share the poster for the musical from 1951, it’s iconic.


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