Before / After Styling Sessions at Electric Castle 2016

Posted on July 28, 2016

Fashion Unplugged was the best place to hang out at Electric Castle 2016. The best team of creative people had fun while transforming, chatting, sharing advice and workshops and dancing alongside anyone who joined the fun during the 4 days next to Banffy Castle.

Fashion Unplugged was the most fun corner to hang out at EC 2016. They had anything you need to transform yourself and have a new look, a new photoshoot – maybe with your friends – and find out more about style from people that work on an international level.

There was a team of magic stylists and 12 magic designers from Cluj-Napoca: Flore Diana, Constantine Babeanu & Renata Rakossy, Iulia Sasu, Astrid Tirlea, Woven, Concepto, Andrea Szanto, Ovidiu Pop, Indee by Diana Magda, Inga Bragaru, Atelier 173 and Oana Pop.

This is a part of the team that worked on Fashion Unplugged:


And my friends from Vestige took care of everyone’s hair – yes, it was free!


They did a photo before and after showing how you can upgrade your style if you change some items and try something new. As you can see, the transformations are pretty beautiful.


Featured items by : Concepto by Anda Feher & Ane Feher and INDEE by Diana Magda


Stela Badea is wearing featured items by : Atelier173 by Raluca Popa and Concepto by Anda Feher & Ane Feher


Featured items by : Inga Bragaru , INDEE by Diana Magda & Woven Atelier


Lovely Pocahontas – that is Raluca Ciornea – is wearing a lovely dress designed by Ovidiu Pop.


Featured items by : Ovidiu Pop , INDEE by Diana Magda & Woven Atelier


Featured items by : Andrea Szántó, Flore Diana & Woven Atelier


Featured items by : Constantine/Renakossy / Constantine Babeanu & Renata Rakossy, Iulia Sasu & Woven Atelier


Featured items by : Iulia Sasu & Woven Atelier


Featured items by : Astrid Țîrlea, Andrea Szántó & Woven Atelier


Featured items by : Flore Diana , INDEE by Diana Magda & Woven Atelier


I hope you got some inspiration for your festival outfits for Spellground, Untold or Summer Well 2016. The before & after photos were taken by Anca Cheregi.

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