Best songs I’ve listened to in 2016

Posted on December 17, 2016

Canyon challenged me again to write down my list of the best songs and the best music I’ve listened to in 2016. While making this playlist, I realized that actually I was thinking of the music and the video in the same time and the video had a big part of choosing these songs. I guess it’s hard to separate the audio experience from the video one, they go together as one and make it better as a whole.

So here is my list for 2016. A mix of pop, alternative pop, funk, groove, minimal pop and a bit of contemporary classic music. And a bit of electro at the end.

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This dude managed to put together something that made both hipsters and the mainstream audience happy. With Gigi & the best tumblr inspired video of the year, the ex-One Directioner transitioned into a handsome R&B star.

Astrid S – Hurts So Good

Astrid S is probably one of the most consistent and promising visual & audio artists of our generation. She embodies the nordic minimalism in alternative pop music which exactly what music needs right now. Something airy, simple, beautiful and yet fresh like a morning breath in Stockholm. Hehe, I am turning into a Scandinavian lover.

Ezio Bosso | Following a bird [ The 12th room ]

My taste in music is quite ecclectic so this shouldn’t be a surprise. Ezio Bosso is one of the most talented musicians of our time and this quote of his goes so well with the song ““We have to rethink our way of evaluating the beauty of slowness and fragility.”

AURORA – I Went Too Far

This is probably one of the most stunning music videos I have watched in 2016. I’m just amazed that someone can create soemthing so beautiful. Aurora is so so special!

Jon Bellion – All Time Low (Video)

I call this pop gangsta but it’s also very funk and dancey and groovy and… Jon Bellion is just so underestimated as a pop songwriter and performer, I hope I will get to see him play live in 2017.

Jon Bellion – Guillotine ft. Travis Mendes

Jon created an entire magical world his album and this song just completes the mood of “All time low”. I don’t really relate to the lyrics anymore but the song has such a great groove and it seems like a modern version of Prince’s & Michael Jackson’s music.

Grimes – Kill V. Maim

Moodboard vibes.

Hailee Steinfeld, Grey – Starving ft. Zedd

And the award for my guilty pleasure for 2016 goes to…. Hailee! I am embarassed to say how many times I had this song on repeat in 2016. But when that electro breakdown starts, there’s a huge party that begins in my head and even if I had a bad day, this song helped a lot.

Slow Magic – Girls

Even though this is from 2014, I have to put this here because I had it on repeat after I heard it at the Electric Castle festival and it brought a great mood out of me!

Anne-Marie – Alarm

I think Anne Marie with her music style & her attitude & image represents the future of pop music and how relatable and message driven it should be. It brings out a lot of authenticity and it doesn’t feel like some other popstar you’ve seen before.

Astrid S – Jump

And I will put this here as a special bonus track. Because… JUMP! Haha! PLAY!

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