Black on black

Posted on June 4, 2014

The truth might be the darkest thing you’ll ever feel, it might hit you so hard that any idea you put on a pedestal might break you down and tear you up into the dark. Chosing a color for your mood will set you up on choosing black of course. What about black on black?

There are different shades of black as there are different shades of grey. I took a break from blogging because I’ve gone through a rough time when the truth fell hard on my head and it made me realize and wonder on making mistakes, being wrong sometimes and vulnerability as a weakness.

In the heat of the moment, you choose to see the darkest shades of black and it might seem that you’re never getting out of it, you’ll never be able to accept the truth and be vulnerable again. I was afraid of showing too many shades of me to the world around me but a friend showd me that vulnerability is the biggest form of strength. The moment people will learn about your weakness, that’s the moment when you start being honest with them.

When you put black on black, you’ll realize it becomes grey.


For this black on black jumping session (which actually was a short break from a fashion editorial where I did the styling and worked on the concept with a photographer friend of mine) I wore:

  • Β Odeur standard fit knitted sweatshirt in soft viscose. Irregular knit.
  • “Twisted Jeans” From Lentrian SS14

Both are from Men’s Urban Sin


Photo by Alexandra Vacaroiu;Β Editing by Iscream







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