Bright lights and the big city

Posted on August 11, 2013

When it comes to fashion, light is absolutely essential and it can change the way clothes may look. Even if it’s darker or brighter, it sets the mood and brings the best of the worst in a piece of fabric. One could always find bright lights in a big city, one like Paris for example. There’s always a sunset to die for over the bridges or downtown, near Pompidou Centre.

The Fashion Jumper - Pompidou - 2
I knew French people were nationalists so I should have predicted what would be their reaction to seeing someone wearing an american men flag vest right next to one of their landmarks – the Pompidou Centre. Everyone passed me with their eyes fixated on my vest like they were Meer cats. They probably thought I’m an American guy who came to Paris to show his American pride.

The Fashion Jumper - Pompidou - 3
Whether it’s men or women, fashion can have a strong impact on people and the way they see you. You’re not always seen in the light that you want to be seen in and I wore this T-shirt from because I felt it was fun and colorful and it fit a good walk at dusk.

The Fashion Jumper - Pompidou - 4
It’s not the light that makes clothes looks provocative or not, it’s the way you choose to see fashion as being offensive or not.

The Fashion Jumper - Pompidou - 6
Speaking about Pompidou, I’ve seen some amazing exhibitions this summer and I loved the Lichtenstein one. It was about pop-art history, from the very beginning until its peak as an artistic movement. Everyone sees Warhol as the main leading figure of pop-art but I think Lichtenstein had more depth. It was also fun, enjoyable and different because he used parody as a way of expressing ideas or mocking them.

The Fashion Jumper - Pompidou - 7
It’s funny that they choose to do a pop-art summer exhibition right before Lady Gaga tries to release her ARTPOP album. It’s like someone’s trying to bring back the mass culture movement.

And speaking of pop music and bright lights, let’s get to know this great British pop artist that managed to impress a lot of critics with his first solo album: “Make me believe in hope” – it’s Bright Light Bright Light and a cover for Rihanna’s “What’s My Name”, a version that proves that a cheesy pop song could have a totally different meaning when sang in a different manner and heard in a different light.

It’s all in the light. And when it’s gone, we all go to sleep, don’t we?
Jump at the speed of light!

What was I wearing? The vest from LOOK, the pants from H&M, the shoes from America Skate (funny coincidence, ain’t it?)

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