Why you should care about what you are wearing?

Posted on February 12, 2015

The thing about what you’re wearing and the clothes you choose to put on everyday it’s one about LOVE and HATE. Why you should care about what you are wearing?

Loving yourself and being comfortable in your own skin are two different things. Love is about appreciating and putting a value and affection on what you’ve become. Comfort is about a balanced state of mind with yourself.

Hating and not caring about yourself are also two different things. And they might as well be the same one because you end up not doing much or hurting yourself.

A reason to care about what you’re wearing should come from loving yourself and caring about you as a person, from the inside and out. Caring and appreciating what you see in the mirror, what you choose to show others everyday and what you feel coming from inside.

What you show is what you are. And what you are is what you get. So if you don’t try, don’t expect to receive anything good.

Fashion and putting on beautiful clothes that fit your body and make it look its best, that is not about a superficial industry that only cares about trends. It’s about dressing according to who you are.

No one will recognize an angel in devil’s clothes.


You are BOUND to wear clothes when you walk on the street everyday. So you are BOUND to make a connection to what you are wearing. If you deny yourself that, then maybe you need to work on loving and appreciating what you are.

Throwing on some unusual combinations, strong neon colors, color blocking and accesorizing everything doesn’t show a love for clothes or yourself. It just shows that a need for attention and a lack of self-worth.

Sure, the beautiful is subjective and different to every person. But throwing around a pair of joggers and wearing it like it’s a uniform or a day-to-day outfit, that’s not caring about you.

YOU are what you wear. And what you feel. And say. And act. And think. And do. And love. Without any of that, you are not living in the present. You are not a cave-man.


This fashion shooting was taken in London on a rainy winter’s day. Me and the photo assistant were trying so hard to get the right photo that I was too late at the airport and lost the airplane to Bucharest so I had to go to another airport, get another ticket and find another flight to Romania.

I’d say it was worth it. What’s your thought?


Photo & creative: Edi Enache, The Fashion Jumper

Fashion credits: Blue navy suit from H&M, Converse shoes and a vintage scarf, dark sweater from Zara.










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