Cartoon heroes: Ionut Reti

Posted on October 4, 2015

I’ve been following this cartoon hero’s work – Ionut Reti – for some time now. His drawings include pop culture imagery in a fantasy and very cotton-candy textured world with a strong personal touch that emanates creativity and imagination.

First, I saw and appreciated his drawings on his Instagram account and I was more than honoured and happy when he surprised me with a drawing of me that has soft gray and soft blue colors and the mood that matches my personality… and my motto: ‘regarde le ciel’.

These drawings are like an escape from the real world, any fan of the fantasy genre will sure enjoy them a lot. Ionut portrays the characters exactly how milennials want to look like – cartoon heroes.

Here’s what we know so far about this talented guy that has all the potential to grow into a worldwide appreciated artist – I asked him some questions on Facebook, he was kind enough to respond.


Ionut Reti was born on 4th of August, 1997 (he’s a Leo) and he’s now studying at the Arts High School in Baia Mare, a town in Northern Romania, the Maramures area. The drawing above is a self portrait series.


Five things about Ionut Reti

1. The first drawing he ever did was a cow that he painted with his bare finger… “and there are many moments when I wonder what happen to that piece” he adds.
2. Ionut gets inspiration from Disney animations and Hans Christian Andersen’s stories because he says that “These stories had the biggest impact on me”.

3. He doesn’t know what he wants to do when he grows up but he’s sure “it’s something to do with art”.
4. Walter Elias Disney, J.K Rowling , Skeeter from the movie “The Help”, Tim Burton and Kat von D are the five people/characters that inspires him the most.
5. He hopes that his work will bring color and will make people smile.


And here’s something more that he said about his work:

Many times, when I want to do a drawing, I let the music set up a mood (many times I just put the same song on repeat for hours and hours to be able to stay in the same mood).

My motto is “Keep moving forward” from the animation “Meet the Robinsons”. It’s an animation movie that taught me that today’s sad moments will bring tomorrow’s beautiful moments.


Here’s the drawing that he did of me. THANK YOU!


Isn’t it magic for someone who inspires you to get inspired by you?

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