Center of HATtention

Posted on June 18, 2014

A hat can make you the center of attention, or better said the center of HATtention.

It’s quite spectacular what a dark hat can do to one’s appearance. I learnt it in the past few weeks when I decided so “spice” up my outfits for TIFF 2014 and FITS 2014 by wearing a black hat – I had two similar models, one from ASOS and one from H&M.

I’m never used to being the center of attention and try my best not to do that, I usually try to camouflage by wearing grey clothes or a combination of grey, nude, dark blue or black. A hat can transform you into a character and make you the center of attention – at least that’s what happened to me in every situation I’ve been involved in the last few weeks.

3 reasons for wearing a hat:

1. A hat is like a guardian. In many ways, clothes are about protection and hiding or guarding parts of yourself that you sometimes don’t feel like showing to the world. I have days when I don’t feel like being friendly and social, I just want to go unnoticed and not give people the opportunity to start a conversation. So a hat does just that: it sets a boundary between you and the world, it gives you comfort. If you feel like not going out of bed and just close the curtains and take a break from the world but you can’t do that because there’s creative and business meetings, office hours and other projects, a big dark fedora hat will be your guardian.

2. A hat sets the mood. Whether it’s too sunny or too rainy, a hat party or a tea party, a hat sets the mood for an outfit. You could start creating your outfit from a hat, a moodboard could the inspired by it or an entire collection could be set by the timeless design of a fedora hat.

3. A hat puts everything into place. The hair is messy, I didn’t have any time to style it so I just grabbed the hat and literally threw it on. Sounds rather simple  but it should go with the outfit. Also, if I just got out of the shower and my hair’s full of volume, it just puts every piece of hair into place. Ofc, it depends on your haircut, it works for me because I let it grow, it has curls now so it sets a frame for my face.

It’s sort of funny how we choose to go unnoticed and we end up in the middle of attention. It’s in the way the universe works: if you’re trying to get attention, you’ll never get it. But if you feel comfortable in your own skin and outfit and you just wander around with that energy, you’ll end up receving a lot of compliments and looks, in more than one way.

This photos were taken in the Botanical Garden in Cluj Napoca, Transylvania in a matter of 15 minutes. It’s the first time that my friend Cristina Bazavan takes photos of someone and it’s a dream come true for me. She has an unique aestethic vision and I always felt like she could do an amazing job behind a camera so we tried a few shots and this is what we ended up with. Thank you!

Of course the place we did the photos in helped a lot and inspired her to do the large shots and the close-ups. It wasn’t a planned shoot, it was spontaneous, I had my camera with me by coincidence. We went to the Botanical Garden to work and after we finished working we decided to enjoy a few quiet minutes in the Japanese Garden and that’s when this magic happened.

There’s some kind of contrast between the Japanese theme and flowers and the greek statue that guards the entire park. It’s a kind of peaceful state of mind that I recommend to everyone who finds himself with a few hours to spend in Cluj.

Hat by H&M, trousers by H&M, shirt by Massimo Dutti, shoes by Zara and the jacket is from Zara as well.








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