The certainties of the night… in Paris

Posted on September 29, 2014

There are very few things that you can be sure of in this life. From what I’ve discovered, you can be sure that you have yourself in every moment and if you really know yourself, you will make it through no matter what, in any conditions given.

Another certainty is that you are responsible for making your life beautiful. Just like the way you choose to go from your office to your home, the streets you choose to walk on, the people you choose to surround yourself with, the many little things that can make your life better and easier and happier every day.

One of the things that makes my life better is the streets I choose to walk on every day, no matter where I go – be it a meeting, to the office, a photo shoot, a video shoot or an interview or for any purpose. And depending on my mood, I choose the empty ones or the crowded ones or the ones with the most beautiful homes. Sometimes I choose the shortest way home, other times I go for the long way run and stray about. Seeing particular buildings and streets and memories that some of them carry, those are all choices that I make to be more comfortable in a city that I don’t really enjoy, except from those streets that I like.

It’s the same in life. Although we know the road we have to take to get to a certain point, we choose to make a detour or choose another road in order to enjoy it more or take some rest when we need to, to play a bit, to wander around more until we reach our destination. This road could also be a relationship with someone and even if we know how to work things out, sometimes we avoid obstacles or we beat around the bush and act devious. The right road is not always the straight one.

Or just like your wardobe, you’re the only one who chooses what to wear and where and what to buy in this cold season or any other season. So it’s easier to be mistaken and buy something just because it looks good on you. It must feel right and like a second skin. Clothes are part of our nature and I let my inner self and my certainties and my uncertainties speak from within when I choose what to wear. And if that means changing 10 times before I go out, I will do so until I feel like I am myself and not someone from a fashion blog.

Of course, sometimes your certainties depend on the occasion. I don’t know about you but for me, Paris feels like a leather jacket and London feels like a trench. So for a night out in Paris, I find myself wearing a leather jacket over and over again, one that feels close to my skin and gets me a bit warmed up in the chilly nights near Seine during fall in Paris.

First and foremost, you should depend on yourself to do what feels right and good and natural. You should depend on yourself to be happy and make yourself happy with the little things that could do that.

A friend told me that power is the freedom to be with yourself. I’ll leave that thought to you too:)

Clothes credits: Dark Β trousers by Levi’s, Leather jacket by Massimo Dutti, White shirt by H&M

Photo & editing: Edi Enache

The Fashion Jumper - out for dinner outfit - 1

The Fashion Jumper - out for dinner outfit - 3

The Fashion Jumper - out for dinner outfit - 4

The Fashion Jumper - out for dinner outfit - 5

The Fashion Jumper - out for dinner outfit - 7

The Fashion Jumper - out for dinner outfit - 8

The Fashion Jumper - out for dinner outfit - 9

The Fashion Jumper - out for dinner outfit - 11

The Fashion Jumper - out for dinner outfit - 2

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