Change yourself before you change your clothes

Posted on January 21, 2015

People conserve memories. The same way clothes do it, only with a different side of things. When you meet someone who you’ve known for a long time but haven’t talked in seven years, that person will remind you just the way you were and they will bring those images, those memories from the past, specific moments from the past. It’s about their view, their memories, the way the chose to remember every detail and conserve it in their brain.

With clothes, it’s the other side: your side. When you wear a sweater or a pair of jeans that you didn’t wear in a long time, you will associate them with an experience, a feeling, a particular memory, a certain moment in time, a happening, an action. It’s about how you remember those times.

But when the two collide and you wear an old T-shirt when meeting someone from your long forgotten past, it all comes back to you. There’s this quote that says “we may be done with the past but the past is not done with us”.

A few days ago I had a lovely dinner with an old friend who told me stories from when I was just out of high school and trying to find my way, my purpose. I was trying to figure out who I was, including the way I used to dress. Those memories were taken straight out of the box where they sat for years and years.

Before me there was this box and I was looking at it realizing for the first time that people do change. And not just with small things and details, not only with bits and pieces. People change deep down, at the roots. Your essence is not something that you are born and meant to die with. We’re born to become. We’re born to explore ourselves, to create and to enjoy ourselves.

With clothes, they’re the most noticeable aspect of our changes. We say “I’ve changed the way I dress, I’ve changed my style, I used to be so lame back then”. But then again, it’s all coming from the inside, whether it’s an uniform or not.

So before changing your clothes and your style, make sure you’re changed on the inside as well. Because that will show. I remember trying to wear a white shirt and a tie at my prom party. It felt weird, it felt unnatural, it felt like an obbligation because you’re supposed to look that way. Also, I wanted to be dapper, more elegant and less myself – I was a Sporty Spice back then. Bringing back those memories, I wasn’t looking good dressed like that. But now, I can wear a white shirt or even a black one. I could wear a tie. Or a bow tie. And a nice slim suit. And feel like I was born that way. If it’s coming from the inside… the new inside of you… it’ll look great. So make sure you’ve changed.

The past may not be done with us. The past comes out from time to time to show us who we’ve become and make us appreciate ourselves more. And see our journey in a different light. And guide us.

Fashion credits: vintage leather jacket from Camden Town in London. Black Zara jeans & shoes. Roses print-themed T-shirt from


This shooting was done in August 2013 in Louvre in Paris. A lot has changed since then. But there are a few things that still feel great and must remain the same. Like rocking a romantic-punk look and jumping in my favorite museum ever surrounded by the beautiful art that changed and modeled people’s lives and careers.

Photo, creative, editing: Edi Enache, The Fashion Jumper












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