The creative scarf

Posted on October 29, 2015

You have no idea what you’re capable of until you do it. Today we’re bringing up the creative scarf and relate it to the creative week on – there’s another campaign about creativity coming up this week as well.


The first meeting I had with the girls from illú (Luiza and Tatiana) was a match made in heaven by our common friend Cristina Bazavan. She met them to talk about the project and they were looking for someone to be coordinate the creative direction for their special project that talks about women and feminity. The concept was a special collection of scarves for every type of woman or the type of feeling that a woman can have: creative, passion, strong, playful and seduction.

Both me and the girls from illú love contrasts. So we worked on this concept of a man flirting with a scarf the same way it would flirt with a woman. Some clothes have more emotions and more personality than you would expect. The idea was to take photos with the scarves in dedicated ways: the creative one is simply bursting with colors, dots and the butterfly-shape that every piece of silk has.


Not every woman can wear a scarf. Not everyday you can wear a scarf. There’s something special about it. There’s a strong relationship that some women have with silk and putting it around their neck.

If I were to leave my imagination flowing, I would say that a scarf is a woman’s way of celebrating herself and feeling more feminine than ever. There’s something in the way the silk gently touches the neck and makes her feel special.

Getting back to the creative illú scarf, the drawings were hand-made and printed on natural silk. The creative mastermind Cristina Bazavan is the best ambassador of the creative scarf. I took photos of her in the park with soft pastel colors – of course the lovely autumn weather helped with providing the most spectacular background.





My photo by Stefan Radu Photography, editing & concept by The Fashion Jumper. Cristina’s photo by Edi Enache, The Fashion Jumper.

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