Creative week: The most inspiring models

Posted on October 27, 2015

This week’s theme is the most inspiring models, the one that fuel creativity and give you that special something that makes your imagination explode. For me inspiration comes immediately when I see a photo of a model, bone structure, long necks, big eyes, weird look… details, shots, ideas.

In the same time, I always want to change something, make bones more visible, necks longer, eyes bigger. Honestly there would be a lot to tell about how I draw but the most simple way to put it is: I just feel it, I just enjoy doing it, taking my time, slowly with coffee and cigarettes (yeah, I know, not healthy but it helps my mood). Long story short: I always put my signature on it. Some people say that my illustrations don’t look at all like the original photo because I put so much of my vision in it that it becomes something new.

So here are some illustrations inspired by the most inspiring models in the NOW.

I did this one after I was checking Schon magazine on a Sunday morning and  I found a shooting of a talented italian fashion photographer Federico Del Bianco. The model is purely amazing, red hair, big eyes, long long body, ready to draw… I don’t know her name but the styling is signed by Giulia Meterangelis and the make-up by Sara del Re.



The next model that gets me creative is Eloisa Birleanu. I found her in my Instagram page after she liked some of my photos. She had a nice profile picture and after checking her page, I got that she has other nice pictures as well, so yeah, here it is!



The nex creative model is Vanessa Moody. And yes, her character is very moody. The illustration is inspired by a shooting for Vogue Japan.


The model is Fei Fei Sun. It’s one of my main inspirations (even though she never reacts to my illustrations of her). She has the gorgeous asian look, white skin, big red lips. This photo was inspired from the cover for Vogue Italia, she’s the sunny girl with dark photoshoot. Photo by Mert & Marcus. Illustration by (me) Tio Torosyan.



Model is Iris Landstra. Teanage outlaw girl look, interesting angry eyes. Photo by Micha Emmering Krijger for Schon Magazine.



And last, but not least, is the romantic-haunting beauty with blue eyes that is Stella Lucia. I first did an illustration of the Interview cover and then adapted the photo for the Armenian Festival in Bucharest that took place two months ago. They printed some of my drawings on tote bags and Tshirts – very proud and honored about that. The one with the flowers was the one they wanted for printing.




Hope you got inspired by this! All illustrations by Tio Torosyan.

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