Dedicated to denim

Posted on December 2, 2013

The best thing that could happen to a brand is a refresh and it could be hard to do it with denim since the 90’s brought us everything for that matter. This post is dedicated to denim.

Since I was a kid I loved playing with denim and was a big fan of full denim outfits – jeans and shirt. My favorite thing to wear when I was 4 or 5 years old it was my denim overall because it felt comfortable, relaxed and dinamic – I could move, I could run however I want to. I grew up and of course, I wanted to be cooler than all the other kids so I loved going to the school wearing a vintage jeans overall with the brace upside down.

In high school everyone knew my “blue oufits”, a light blue denim shirt and some light blue jeans that made me feel like the coolest kid ever.

Lee Cooper invited me to try out their new collection and I got to play with it and make a full outfit – the indigo jeans, my favorite denim shirt, a warm grey sweater (you already may know about my passion for grey clothes), a leather jacket to twist it up and some cool sport shoes that feel good to go.

I trust Lee Cooper with my classic jeans models – Arthur – and slim – Aidan or Norris. They’re all about the authentic british design and “Heritage is Priceless”, the motto that they’re using for this season, is one that I truly believe in because your sense of style comes from your true self that being your heritage.

TFj - lee cooper6

This shooting was taken at the seaside, that was my vision for this outfit: an autumn day walk at the seaside – it was sunny so I had a lot of fun and enjoyed it so much!

Jump up!

TFJ - leecooper4

TFJ - lee cooper8

TFJ - lee cooper 7

TFJ - lee cooper 9

TFJ - lee cooper3

TFJ - lee cooper5

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