Diana Flore x Auchan, the special collection that will change Romanian fashion

Posted on December 10, 2016

Auchan, one of the biggest retailers in the Romanian market set a new milestone in the Romanian fashion world. Their program is called „Romanian designers for Romania” and it involves capsule collections created exclusively by very talented Romanian designers for them. The first exclusive collection is called „S’épanouir” and it comes from one of the brighest minds of her generation: Diana Flore.

Starting November 2016, Auchan introduced the new Diana Flore special pieces in 10 of their stores and their plan is to stimulate people who come into their hypermarkets to enjoy and consume Romanian design. It’s probably one of the first and biggest campaigns that actually brings a Romanian designer forward in such a way and it exposes Diana’s creations to a whole new market, setting an example and bringing hope to thousands of aspiring and young designers who always dreamed about actually creating something that’s worn by anyone, not just the fashion afficionados.


Diana Flore studied successfully at the Arts University in Cluj. She has her own brand which wears her name but she’s also one of the creative directors for Irina Schrotter, one of the best distributed and sold Romanian fashion brands. Her work also includes styling work, being published in many international and national magazines. One of the examples is the editorial that includes the diploma outfits created by the designers who finished their Bachelor Degree in Design in Cluj this year. So the best design school in Romania trusts her with styling their works and she has an unique and so fresh vision on fashion.

There she is:


There were EIGHT special pieces that Diana created for the Auchan collection and they are dedicated to little girls and young women and of course, she made a perfect mix of her signature – which is flower prints and motifs, just like her name (Flore – Flower) – but also something casual and easy to wear.

„It was a real pleasure for me to work on this special collection made for the Auchan customers. I took in account their need to have quality items that can be worn on a longer period of time, on multiple occasions, I created something that is also part of the current fashion trends. Of course, everything is at a reasonable price” – said Diana Flore about her S’épanouir collection.


There are chic and comfy pieces that can be accesorized easily and also, mothers and daughters (4 to 8 years old) can mix & match together and go for a similar look which can be quite cute. The color palette includes one of Diana’s signature colors: lilac but with a dark tone mixed with an intense magenta shade.

The collection „S’épanouir” is available now in Auchan in Titan, Militari, Cotroceni, in extenso Vitan, Timișoara Iulius Mall, in extenso Cluj Iris, Cluj Iulius-Mall, Brașov Coresi, Craiova and Constanța Mall.





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