The week in fashion illustrations: Chiara Ferragni, Marina and The Diamonds, McQueen, Dior

Posted on March 29, 2015

This first week of posting my fashion illustrations on The Fashion Jumper was a very inspiring one with old and new muses. Here’s what I found on Instagram and what I thought were one of the best fashion pieces from the last seven days.

In the last few days I found a lot of photos with Chiara Ferragni (The Blonde Salad) – especially since she’s been all over the news with her Vogue Spain cover – and I bumped over a photo from her very recent Marie Claire photoshooting.

Last week I liked her Vogue cover and did a drawing of it. Her empire is getting bigger by the day – with her TBS Crew behind her – but she always remember to like the photos and artworks that people post of her. It’s a nice lesson that I learned from her, I guess I didnt expect someone with more than 3 million followers who’s flying to another country every week to give back to fans, post comments and stay true to the people that support the brand.


The new Alexander McQueen collection for Fall 2015 has a lot of great looks and the make-up & hair for the catwalk were amazing, everyone looked like a character from a movie. So it was more like a story.

Marina and The Diamonds is going for a full ’70s look for the promotion of her FROOT album. The visuals and most of the shootings she did for magazines and interviews were pretty inspiring. She’s thinner and seems more comfortable in these clothes than anything else.

Last but not least, there’s the Dior show for fall 2015 with the soft classic ’70s influence and the strong orange accent that can be found in most of the fall collections.

Drawing is how I feel and think. Until next week:)
Fashion illustrations by Tio Torosyan for The Fashion Jumper

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