Glacier Grey (birthday post)

Posted on August 17, 2015

Fashion is about telling a story, giving things a perspective and a mood. Mainly, fashion is about matching your inside with your outside.Β For me it’s grey that does the trick, it’s by far my favorite. And not any kind of grey, not the darker grey – which I associate with rats – but the lighter grey, the GLACIER GREYΒ – one of the MAIN COLOURS of this summer.

In a world that’s melting – both on the European continent and in Antarctica – the name of this color reminds usΒ that nature Β – the nature around us or inside us – can be both our friend and our foe. These torid summer days take away any enjoyment of life – yet, it’s the same nature that we enjoy so much in Spring & Fall when you can go on endless walks, enjoy time in the sun and breathe the nature’s air not the air conditioning one.

It’s our nature that can make us happy or not happy. It’s all in the choices we make – and it’s the same on the outside nature, Planet Earth. The way you treat nature, that’s the way the nature will treat you. If you don’t care of the global warming – aka a basic need of the world – don’t expect nature to take care of your needs in the future.

Probably that’s why Pantone chose this color as one of the most important ones for Spring Summer 2015. The “shades of grey” trend is more than a movie that is showing the more and more masochistic side of young people, it’s about going back to what truly matters: nature and the way it changes.

The Glacier Grey is about paying attention to more than your narcissistic self. Pay attention to nature.

What’s interesting is that Glaciery Grey is more dominant in men’s fashion than in women’s this year. It is nature’s most perfect neutral, and above all, constant.

For me, grey is peaceful, is balance, is quietness, is trying to not be the center of attention by any means, is a shade that is timeless, simple, essential. It is my comfort zone. And it’s the reason why, every year, I try to spend my birthday in grey, in peaceful, balance, quietness and enjoying simple things.

The best is yet to come… just pay attention! πŸ™‚


The look: grey suit from Zara, white leather shoes from Zara and grey shirt from ASOS.








Photo & creative: Edi Enache, The Fashion Jumper

Editing: Tio Torosyan

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