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Posted on October 25, 2016

We kept hearing that winter is coming. Until… winter is already here. And we need good shoes. Ones that will last the entire season. Ones that will not allow snow and water to get near our feet. And ones that would match most of our clothes.

We’re all unique. We all strive to project our individuality and our uniqueness to the outside world: be it our circle of friends, social media and everyday through the way we dress. Our clothes say something about us. For example, for many years now, I have this thing about every single outfit having a twist – be it a color or something smart + sport shoes. We call it normcore nowadays, combining comfort and elegance.

Our outfit tells a story about who we are, where we grew, who we’ve became, which passions we have, what circle or gang we belong to. And our shoes are a big part of that story. So how do you buy shoes? How do you get the good shoes, the ones that you can be sure that they will last for many years to come, not just for the season?

The most important thing that I consider when getting new shoes is always comfort. After that, I ask myself “how many different outfits and styles can I wear these shoes with?”. Because it can be casual, it can be smart, it can be British, it can be sport, it can be a modern dandy mood. And it’s quite hard to get a pair that works for all of them. Usually, it must be something that can look both casual and smart OR ADD A TWIST to an elegant suit.

TEZYO wanted to check out my taste in shoes and challenged me to get a pair of Camper shoes and play around with them to match them to my personality and I came up with something that answer the question that I wrote above: “how many different outfits and styles can I wear these shoes with?”. And my answer is… FIVE! It took me 10 minutes to come up with these five outfits. I could’ve done even more than five but I wanted to show the versatility of the shoes and how important it is for me to choose something that matches most of my clothes and styles.

First of all, Tezyo brings together a vast amount of brands and styles of shoes, bags, belts, wallets and accesorries made of leather. They play around with office style, urban-sport, casual and elegant too. So they cover every range possible and they cater to personal desire of every consumer defined through their personality and need for freedom expression.

I went to the Tezyo store in AFI Palace Cotroceni because it’s the mall closest to my home and they have the best donuts shop over there so I had anothe reason to turn this shopping spree into a nice experience/afternoon. But they also got other stores in Bucuresti (Baneasa Shopping City & Promenada Mall), Iasi (Palas Mall), Constanta (City Park Mall) and Timisoara (Shopping City).

They challenged me to try on Camper – I never tried it before but I knew that they only sell Camper shoes exclusively at Tezyo in Romania. I heard my close friends talking about it after their visit to Barcelona – because Camper is a Spanish brand with over 100 years history – and they told me that the store assistant introduced them to this brand and talked about how the sole of the shoe is unique and one of the best ones in the world.

So that’s the most interesting this about Camper, for me. It’s made out of rubber. It’s called VIBRAM and it has special cushions on the sole that prevents sliding on wet surfaces but most of all, it gives great comfort, traction and it’s durable through time but also to minus 20 degrees Celsius, abrasion and bursting. It’s all about COMFORT and DURABILITY.

Their motto is “Walk don’t run”. Mine would probably be “Jump don’t run”. 🙂

Here’s how I went on with my challenge.



Gray lover. Texture lover. Minimal lover. Smart casual + sport shoes = normcore.




The British boy. Because black trousers + leather jacket + white tshirt makes me think about the British boys. More exact, the Teddy boys, a modern version.



The young creative hipster. The jumper that I am wearing actually has a story. It’s made by a Romanian designer, one of my favorites – Diana Flore – and it has a print of … “roses jam” inverted in Photoshop. She created a normal white and pink one for girls and inverted the colors for the menswear jumpers. And yes, that is a close up of a photo of rose jam and rose petals mixed together.



Shades of green outfit. One of the main trends for this fall/winter season. Inspired by the military style. And the bothanical garden, urban garden, urban jungle.



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