I jump… therefore I am!

Posted on June 15, 2013

Jump! There’s nothing more exciting and frightening in the same time than a new beginning.

the fashion jumper

I like jumping because I feel full of life when I do it, I feel like I’m having fun and I also feel like a happy jump is full of joy. It’s the kid in me that wants to forget about deadlines, schedules and other mature and work-related stuff.


I love fashion and everything about it, from the creative part (drawing, sketches, inspiration, moodboards, fabrics) to the business part (PR, marketing, ). It’s always adventurous going into the designers showrooms and ateliers / workshops, I enjoy seeing them a work in the place where ideas become piece of clothing.

the fashion jumper - post 3

I love a good fashion show from the front stage and the backstage; and seeing the models, the make-up artists and the hair stylists at work.

I’m also a photographer  so I take part in all the fashion madness. I don’t see it as being superficial, I see as a way for many artists and business people to express themselves and work together. You can be creative and make money in the same time.


Why did I started this blog? I did it because I read blogs every day for 7 or 8 years now. And I think people forgot how to have fun being in fashion and make money out of it. We’re so obsessed with what everyone is thinking about our style and how we are going to be judged by our friends (or our stylists friends) that we forget to feel comfortable and have fun while putting some dope clothes on. I want to bring FUN back on!

The second reason is the lack of men fashion blogs, actual MEN not transvestites. I think it’s cool to be androgynous but there’s a difference between looking ridiculous and looking cool – those two should never be associated as similar. I’d rather be boring than look ridiculous.

You’ll be reading about men fashion. That includes street style, personal style, shoes jeans, suits, ties, shirts, t-shirts, inspirational photos from other people, indie fashion, british designers, my opinion on fashion week and new collections, what to wear, what not to wear and about some insight on great fashion photographers. And music from the catwalk.

Let the games begin… #jump. And just so you know, you can find me on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google Plus, Gmail (thefashionjumper [at] gmail.com).


Have fun, 

The Fashion Jumper

What am I wearing for my blog release day? White shirt: H&M, shoes: DC , grey trousers: H&M, jacket: Massimo Dutti

Photo by SheLovesDetails, Editing by me and Alex from Icanbecreative

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