Ivan Claudiu Vlad as Kurt Cobain in new editorial

Posted on April 4, 2016

Romanian model Ivan Claudiu Vlad impresses in a Kurt Cobain inspired fashion editorial for Juvenile Journal magazine and the mood feels just like the 90s Grunge scene and those old photos of the Nirvana frontman that we keep seeing on Tumblr.

Ivan has been known in the Romanian modelling and fashion scene for his androgyne look and playing with it for some years now. But in this editorial, Cheryl- the stylist – and Baldovino – the photographer – managed to capture the rough, edgy, trashy but somehow classy, that authentic feeling of the Kurt Cobain photos from the 90s, the ones that inspired the trends for this year with the punk-grunge mood. And they chose a lot of pieces from the best collection that embodies this trend: the Saint Laurent collection.

The set is amazing, the colors and the mood, everything falls into place. Found the photos on TheFashionisto.com. Great job, Ivan, we are proud of you! #RomanianPride


Clothes and accessories from Gucci, a lot of Saint Laurent, La Perla, Dolce & Gabbana, Lee Kung Man, Marche Saint-Pierre

Photos by Baldovino Barani

Styling by Cheryl Leung

Credit: Juvenile Journal & TheFashionisto



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