Jumping through time in Paris

Posted on July 29, 2013

I started my holiday in Paris where I’ll be spending the next two weeks. Going by bike, wandering around the streets and the parks, see the things that I didn’t get to see until now and spend some time at Versailles.

The Fashion Jumper - Orsay - 1

I’m never interested in spending time in the places that everyone wants to visit and take pictures, I’m mostly keen on seeing art galleries, museums and small places that represent the essence of art.

The Fashion Jumper - Orsay - 2

Musee d’Orsay has one of the largest collection of impressionist and post-impressionist masterpieces in the world. The impressionist movement started in Paris actually so I did get to see paintings by Renoir, Monet (Rouen Cathedral), Manet, Degas, Sisley and many others. It has a few works from Van Gogh too but I’m not too fond of his style.

The fashion Jumper - Orsay - 3

I think it’s funny that this place used to be a train station. It was built to transport the people who were coming to the International World Fair of 1900 to the city center but is now the home to many famous paintings that are being referenced all the time in popular culture.

The fashion Jumper - Orsay - 6

A side of the Orsay that I really enjoyed was the one with the internal arrangement, decoration, furniture and fittings of the museum, especially the Art Nouveau beds, doors, mirrors and chairs.

The fashion Jumper - Orsay - 5

As you can see in the photos, the place where I spent most of my time was the two big clocks – and I jumped in front of them, ofc – I was fascinated about the view over Paris from the dark attic, it felt like a proper Parisian experience.

The Fashion Jumper - Orsay - 7

There’s also the big clock – the famous one – created by Victor Laloux. You can’t miss it in the Main Hall – it’s also in the first picture, the other ones were taken in the attic and near the “Le dΓ©jeuner sur l’herbe” where I wasn’t allowed to take photos.

The fashion Jumper - Orsay - 4

It’s prohibited to jump in some public places but I do it with joy and enthusiasm so nothing is gonna stop me. I suggest you do the same!

Jump around!

The Fashion Jumper - Orsay - 8

What to wear for an afternoon at the museum? I went for something comfortable and casual so I can cross my hands while staring and the paintings and be able to walk through the mile long rooms, halls and galleries. I’m not a fan of wearing sport outfits at the museum, I think the paitings, the sculptures and the way everything is placed requires a certain attitude, especially in men fashion.

The Fashion Jumper - Orsay - 10

Jeans: Stefanel, shirt: Massimo Dutti, t-shirt: Pull&Bear, shoes: Vans, cap: it’s a piece from one of the largest collections of officer caps. He gathered a dozens of them from the years when he was a Master Mariner on various ships. So yes, it’s a real captain-cap.


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