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Posted on April 2, 2015

Before trying to find inspiration ask yourself what is it that you really want to do, do you intend to try to unfold your life as a masterpiece, are you going to live life as you dreamt it? And after follow your dream, inspire yourself with everything that surrounds you: nature, colors, music, people…

Inspiration is spirit, scare, imagination, enjoyment and acceptance.

After centuries and centuries of imagination, creation, acceptance, enjoyment and scare, there’s almost nothing we can create with our bare minds – or bare hands. The only NEW in today’s creation (be it fashion, art, photography) is the NEW technology, the new media, the new ways of expressing yourself.

So of course you’ll see a lot of things from the past coming back. And in many ways, everything that could be created has been created. So it’s all about reinvention. And the foundation of reinvention is inspiration.

The only thing that’s different in todays world is the SPIRIT. Each & every person’s spirit is unique and different. And no matter how much you try to immitate, to copy someone’s work, you’ll always put your spirit in there and you’ll make something slightly different (depending on how much of yourself you slip into that creation).

So that’s why todays fashion is about individuality. It’s about putting your OWN touch on something more than EVER. You can try, you can force yourself and pressure yourself to create something completely NEW but you won’t succeed. The only way to do it is by finding what sets YOU apart from the others and put that into your creation, your work, into the outside world.

Some people have a continuous struggle to be different and dettach themselves from the crowd. But that struggle does not define an individual. Stop trying to create and start trying to express yourself, no matter who or how you are.

Walker, McQueen, Downton and everything British

The photographer that I look up to the most is… Tim Walker. I relate to everything he does because it’s all about storytelling, about telling new stories using the old ways – he uses film photography – about creating a masterpiece, a painting that will live on forever, no matter what the trends.

The movie/TV show that rocked my mind in the last few years is… Downton Abbey. I didn’t watch it until one year ago and that’s when I got hooked on it. Every scene tells a story and everything. The 20’s are by far my biggest inspiration in fashion, photography, art and everything creative that comes from this there. I still don’t know if it’s about a past life or not but there’s an extremely familiar feeling everytime I see something from the 20’s.

The person that I could spend hours and hours looking at and coming up with 1000 different ideas is… Tilda Swinton. There’s a lot of magic that comes out through everything that she does, no matter if it’s a positive or a negative role.

The designers that bring out the charm everytime – especially in the archives – are McQueen – for creating something that’s untouchable, sensitive, strong and eternal – and Valentino – for shaping the female body in dashing shapes and fabrics and for creating the connection with the modern man by keeping a sense of reality and style – and Dior – with the simplest way to being classic.

The thing that they all have in common in storytelling. Emotion. A certain atmosphere. Dedication. Passion. Something classic. And perfectionism.

What are your inspirations? Better said… what brings your individuality? What makes your soul tickle?




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