Last days of summer in Paris

Posted on September 29, 2013

I’m happy that it’s the second year in a row when I’m spending the last days of summer in Paris. Watching the first leaves fall to the ground in slow motion and getting into that romantic mood that autumn brings out in us every year… these are the times when you have to be in Paris.

jumper - concorde
I’ve tried spending a few minutes in the Jardin des Tuileries but it’s way too crowded and noisy so after taking a detour through Place de la Concorde – doing a few jumps, I stopped on one of the three bridges where people put the love padlocks – Passerelle Léopold-Sédar-Senghor. No, I did not do that because I don’t think love needs a padlock.

the fashion jumper - padlocks - 2
Paris is probably the only city in Europe where I can totally forget about myself and lose my head all together. I forgot that I have a phone or a job to get back to – and deadlines.

relaxing in paris

paris - sunset
Everytime I see the cruises on the river I feel like I’m in a harbour. Being in that harbour mood and being inspired by sailors, I wore this outfit, this joyful one.

jumper - concorde 4

I didn’t spend too much time with choosing this outfit, it’s what I would wear on a casual urban day. It’s one of my favorite day to day outfits for the end of this summer.

jumper - concorde 2
I usually post only one photo of me jumping, being up in the air, but I felt like this was a special day, I did a lot of jumping around because I feel energetic every year when the cold season starts coming along.

the fashion jumper - shoes
And these are my brand new shoes from Asos. What should you wear for an energetic day out? I say a striped H&M T-shirt, a light blue shirt from Stefanel, trousers from New Star, shoes from Asos and the Ray Ban shades. You can also see my underwear so I’m going to name the brand for that too: it’s Massimo Dutti.

the fashion jumper - concorde-6

Jump around and jump high! 

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