Leather jacket weather is here!

Posted on November 16, 2013

I have a few more photos to post from my latest trip to Paris. This time I’m getting into the leather jacket weather with my favorite Massimo Dutti brown jacket and some clothes from last summer.

A leather jacket feels more than clothing to me, is an extension of the way I feel and it’s personal because it reflects my mood, especially through the days when I just leave home in a hurry, heading to the office or to some meetings and I just don’t feel like shaving or styling my hair in any way.

It’s time for the leather weather, for rainy days in Paris or in London, for long walks under the umbrella and for classical music.

Montmartre is probably the place in Paris where I go when I feel like losing myself in a big crowd, having a hot chocolate in the morning sun at a coffee shop and then having another one to go and seating at the corner of the street, contemplating and looking at people, at the way their dressed, trying to guess which country they’re from and what was their “storyboard” for their outfit.

The leather jacket is from Massimo Dutti, the tank top is H&M, the blue&white shirt is Massimo Dutti as well, the sneakers are from DC, the jeans are Zara and the cool reflecting glasses are from ASOS.

This is probably the only shooting that I’ve done so far when I only did one jump and felt like that was enough because I felt like having the whole scenario behind me, it’s a typical Montmartre morning.

Jump high!

Fashion Jumper - Cafe dans matin - 2

Fashion Jumper - Cafe dans matin - 3

Fashion Jumper - Cafe dans matin - 5

Fashion Jumper - Cafe dans matin - 4

Fashion Jumper - Cafe dans matin - 6

Fashion Jumper - Cafe dans matin - 9

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