The light within these walls

Posted on April 5, 2014

There’s a sense of possibility in the air. There’s the light that touches your skin only on street corners when you stop for the traffic light. You make it a longer stop than usual because you need to recharge from the sun light just like a battery. Then you keep on walking from corner to corner, feeling the smell of the wet cement, trying to fasten your pace but not being able to because there’s time for everything and the morning keeps us in slow motion, like a lizard crossing over the street in the burning, enjoying every ray light, every piece of ancient decorated wall, every step that feels like you’re walking on air. And then you enter the gates of the small park and you see the place the light comes from. It’s always from above.

There’s light within these walls and there’s flowers on the walls and there’s a fire that keeps growing inside of us, making us start over again. It’s spring in Paris and there’s a sense of possibility in the air.

There’s a million ways to do things but we only choose what’s best for us and it’s the same with clothes. There’s a few rules when it comes to aesthetics and the way we choose to express ourselves through our style but besides that, there’s only what’s best for us, what fits better, what feels better, what looks better.

Sometimes, what’s best for me is a pair of dark Zara Jeans, a striped shirt from Stefanel, a dark blue T-shirt from Bershka. Nothing much, just a morning that feels small yet larger than life in Paris.








Β Jump up and feel the light,

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