What makes Stockholm so great?

Posted on December 15, 2016

When you feel in your heart that you’re a traveler, living in the same place feels like seeing life in black and white. Which is beautiful, for a while, but everytime I visit a new teritory, a new country and I discover a new culture, new people, new habits, a new civilization, it’s like finding out there’s a new color and completing the spectrum and adding shades to it. So for 16 years its been black and white. Then it became brown (London). And red (Paris). And purple (Amsterdam). And gray (Berlin). And orange (Porto). And… now it’s Sweden. Which is the most beautiful shade of ice gray. And yes, I associate cities with colors. And I find such a great pleasure it travelling and discovering NEW things and NEW people, it’s one of happiest things in life.

Every new destination opens a new door inside my head. When I started this blog, I already visited a few countries but I started realising that I don’t really belong in one place forever, I need to get out, I need to know more, I need to see more and get inspired so so so much by the NEW, the unknown, the DIFFERENT people and ways of doing things. It stimulates my brain, my soul and my heart and it brings out the best in me. Enjoyment, excitement, travelling fuels my passion, my creative energy and it teaches so many lessons about how unique and special and how big the world is and how there’s so many different ways of being human and finding happiness in all sorts of places.

Sweden was a constant surprise and inspiration. First of all, I went there with NO expectations and I didn’t really have time to think about it beforehand. I didn’t know much about the Swedish people except for the fact that everyone says that they live well and they’re the most civilized country in Europe. Which is an understatement. They live well. And they are the most civilized and KIND people I have met so far.


I have visited maybe 20 countries in Europe so far. And I love Paris because it’s the most beautiful city in the world for me. And I love London because it feels like the best place to be a modern artist and it gives you the freedom to be as creative as you feel like being. And I love Berlin because it’s avantgarde and they somehow live in the future, arts wise. But Stockholm was something else.

Stockholm felt peaceful. I did not feel like it was the center of the universe in the way that it’s the CITY TO BE in and take photos of. Nor does it intend to be. It didn’t feel like your usual European touristic city. It doesn’t really have that many landmarks and impressive monuments where you can pose and show your friends. I felt like it was a peaceful place to enjoy life. A place where life happens in a beautiful way. And where you live in the present and enjoy whatever comes next at the corner of the street. Maybe it’s a bar. Maybe it’s a fish market or a shopping place. Maybe it’s a cozy coffee shop where they serve hot chocolate and smile back everytime you look at the counter.

I was lucky enough to be surrounded by some of the most amazing people while in Sweden. It was one of the best week-ends of my life. And I have many people to thank for that, I already did it in real life and sealed it with a hug everytime.

When I landed in the city center of Stockholm after taking the Arlanda Express from the Airport to the Central Station, I met with two friends and started walking in the sun towards a nice place to have some lunch. And as we passed underneath a bridge, I stopped for a few seconds. I turned around. The sun was warming up my cheeks so I had to stop and get some energy from it and enjoy a moment. There were girls literally doing pirouettes and dancing in the sun and moving in slow motion. I looked at them and then turned my eyes towards the most beautiful sunlight I’ve ever seen. It was the first time I could look at the sun without it blinding me. It was mild. It felt peaceful. It didn’t burn. It was more like a silky touch of sunrays filled with good will and energy. Maybe this description has something to do with my yoga past & present. But it felt like really good energy. And maybe it has to do with the people that live there.

When it comes to clothes, it felt like someone just threw an entire COS store over Stockholm. Honestly, that’s exactly how it looked like. Beautiful, wonderful & inspiring minimalism with muted shades of gray, black, white, green and brown. I was thinking about taking photos of the people but then I would have to do it once every 5 seconds even if I standing in the window of a restaurant. The people of Stockholm dress like a Pinterest moodboard for nordic stylish people. But they’re not making an effort to look like that, it’s built in.


It comes down to the inner self again. Clothes and your inner peace or troubles, they go together as one and they show off in your daily style, whoever you may be. And their civilization (and I know it sounds like another planet but that’s how Stockholm felt like for a few couple of days, like another planet because it’s so different from everything you see around Europe) has a good lifestyle with a good earning income and good laws and very well educated people that respect them. And a lot of respect for each other.

And it’s not the happiest of cities even though those smiling wrinkles in the corner of the eyes that everyone has come from real happy moments and a beautiful life experience. The sun sets at 3-4 pm and there’s many days when you don’t even see it so there’s a lot of lack of vitamin D in the air. And there’s a lot people who are not so energetic and happy all the time. But they seemed to enjoy simplicity and life as it is.

They say that the quality of life is one of the highest in the world in Stockholm and Sweden. And now I know what “quality of life” really means. And what makes Stockholm so great? Is the people. The people make every difference there is.

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