Minima Royalia in Papercut Magazine (fashion editorial)

Posted on April 6, 2015

Getting together with friends and talking about stories, piece by piece. That’s the story of every fashion editorial that I ever did starts. Papercut Magazine published Minima Royalia, a story about the decadence of royalty and how a faraway can still stand up and look proud & royal while feeling lost on the dark streets of an empty town.


Every fashion editorial that I ever did starts with a creative meeting. We rarely talk about anything before. We get together in the same room and start talking about a story and every single person in the room brings something to that story. A new detail, a new direction to the storyline, a new character. We exchange ideas, thoughts and we manage to trust each other’s instincts until the day of the shoot.

The team

Minima Royalia is a creative concept by Costina Iordache, George Neagu and me. Costina and George took care of the clothes, I wandered around the streets for this locations and took the photos and Simona Radu did the make-up. The shoes are from Mihaela Glavan and YSL. The clothes are from George Neagu’s collections. The three of us did the hair together and managed to keep the always-a-charm-to-work-with Denisa (the model) for hours and hours in the cold night of November, in a mix of sleet and snow.

Exploring the royalty theme is a thing that we’re still doing nowaways, working on new ideas and shootings, new stories. There’s still a few ones that are done and are waiting to be published.

The thanks go the amazing team, the model – we’ve worked on 5 fashion editorials and a music video so far and, for no particular reason, we always end up shooting in the freezing cold, in the night, in the forest sometime in February or circumstances not at all comfortable for the dear Denisa Matei. But she braves every shooting, she becomes one with the character and is always a part of this madness that we call…. STORYTELLING πŸ™‚

The thanks go also to Papercut Magazine for publishing this November’s night fantasy. They chose to post a part of it but you can find the entire story down below.

Fashion editorial Credits

Photographer: Edi Enache, The Fashion Jumper

Stylist: Costina Iordache
Make-up: Simona Radu
Model: Denisa Matei
Clothing: George Neagu
Shoes: Mihaela Glavan and YSL














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