Model test: Loredana from MUM Agency

Posted on April 22, 2017

Shooting Loredana from MUM Agency (Models Under Management = MUM) for her model test/polaroids was a huge lesson about… being born to do something and being very good at something without too much experience about it.

She is 18 years old, she’s 1,78 cm, she’s a high school student and she actually wants to pursue being a doctor. We were laughing and trying to convince her that she would be the most beautiful doctor ever. She was so natural and she knew her body and her poses so well.

Her dimensions are 81-63-90 and it comes out so natural for her to be so effortlessly beautiful and expressive.

You can find her on Instagram here.

You can find MUM Agency on Instagram, Geanina & Daniel recently found some amazing young new faces that are ready to travel the world and amaze the fashion world with their natural beauty. They’re very inspiring with what they’re doing.

Photos by Edi Enache, The Fashion Jumper

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