Moodboard: 127 moments when David Bowie inspired us

Posted on January 12, 2016

David Bowie showed us that you can invent, re-invent, create, re-create and transform yourself into anything you feel you are, anything you feel like being and doing. Here’s 127 moments when he inspired us.

With Bowie, it was never about being a man, a woman or even human. It was about emotions, about telling stories and creating something – anything, be it a picture, a look, a song, a video, a small detail on a hat or just posing a certain way or dancing – that makes other people feel and connect. It was about unleashing and making you feel, making you open your mind and your horizons.
We are not defined by our human bodies, we don’t die when our body stops breathing. David Bowie chose to be immortal by leaving behind something that’s always present, something that doesn’t stay in the past, something that will inspire and make other people create. He passed it forward. He left a trace. And taught us about being brave, withstanding time, space and any critique. The only kind of validation that you need is from the mirror.
I think that there are two kinds of people in this world: the ones that live for themselves, always in the moment and the ones that are always working on leaving a trace behind, leaving a legacy, building something that time, technology and no other changes will have an impact on. When you create something so strong that it becomes bigger than your own existence.
Bowie meant everything. Bowie means everything. Bowie will mean everything. Long live the king.

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Herb RITTS, David Bowie,
Herb RITTS, David Bowie,

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